Thursday, January 17, 2008

In the bridge between season 2006 and 2007, one conflicted character in particular stood out. As one of the stars of DC's ground breaking weekly event series, 52; Black Adam became one of the most talked about characters in '07.

As we now look forward to a new year and the sponsorship of new favourites, we take a look back at the unofficial MVP from DC comics, and his journey in a new age of comics. Follow as Black Adam leaves behind redemption with the JSA to gather his own band of powers, capable ot dishing out his harsh brand of justice.
Follow as this path of blood leads to his home, where he will again come to be regarded as King, and begin a black reign destined to end in tragedy.

JSA #51 (October 2003)
"Prince of Darkness Coda" Goyer/Johns/Kirk

Having spent a brief period with the Justice Society of America; Black Adam leaves behind their interpretation of justice and being reformed, intent on delivering his own brand of penalty to those who would commit evils.

Joined by Brainwave and the Atom-Smasher; who was previously convinced by his JSA colleagues to spare the life of eco-terrorist, Kobra; Adam seduces the innocent with the prospect of bloody vengeance, and excites the morally ambiguous with carnage and bloodlust.

So begins Black Adam's dark path toward a destiny that will bring he and those he claims to protect, nothing but misery.

Hawkman #24 (March 2004)
"Black Reign" Johns/Morales

Hawkman and the Justice Society rush to the Middle Eastern nation of Kahndaq; home to Black Adam, and in a former life, the warrior now called Carter Hall.

There, Adam and his band of superhumans stage a coup against the dictators that rule with fear and corruption.
Discontent with the sullied memories of the once glorious land; Adam is unforgiving in his quest for justice, and shows little grace to the JSA, with whom he held membership.

Captain Marvel is there to tame his dark counterpart, but on Adam's home turf, even the mighty Marvel may prove incapable of curbing Teth-Adam's war.

Infinite Crisis #1 (December 2005)
"Infinite Crisis" Johns/Jiminez

As ruler of Kahndaq, Black Adam finds himself face-to-face with political conundrums inherent to the region which is populated by international criminals and the corrupt.

In the interests of his people, Adam forms a relationship with a newly gathered Society of Super Villains, unaware that the Lex Luthor banding together his brothers, is in fact an impostor from a forgotten alternate Earth.

An unwitting pawn in Alexander Luthor Jr's broader machinations; Black Adam proves a willing harbinger of the coming crisis to his universe's existence, and an all too efficient weapon in the slaughter of the Freedom Fighters.

Infinite Crisis #6 (May 2006)
"Touchdown" Johns/Perez

Betrayed by the Society of Super Villains, Black Adam is soon freed of the shackles that bind him to Alexander Luthor Jr's reality shaping Anti-Monitor tower.

Though too late to prevent the contribution of the Marvel magic, Nightwing and Superboy manage to free Black Adam from the structure. None too pleased with The Society, Adam willingly turns on his allies, beginning with the jestering manipulator of emotions, Psycho-Pirate.

Unable to manipulate Black Adam in a state of focused distain, Psycho-Pirate finds himself grossly outclassed.
"No more silly faces." 'Nuff Said!

52 #45 (May 2007)
"Every Hour Wounds, The Last Kills" Johns/Morrison/Rucka/Waid/Batista/Igle/Giffen

With the Crisis averted; Black Adam returns to Kahndaq and soon finds his nation again faced with peril.

Having adopted an extended royal family in a similar spirit to Captain Marvel's; Adam soon finds the ones he has come to love beseiged, along with his loyal subjects, by an unseen assailant.

When these Horseman of Apokalips succeed in killing his family, the total of Adam's powers is restored, and he willfully turns it to the slaughter of the villains. Though Death may run, he is unable to hide from the black marvel.

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