Sunday, February 17, 2008

ARTWORK: Jim LeeAs the commercials once said, "X marks the spot! X-Men!"
Following up on the success of the recent Messiah Complex storyline, we're spending the month flipping through the covers of some of the X-titles reviewed in Infinite Wars past! It's fair to say that selection is minor, but we've pulled out the stops to drag in touch points on many of the characters, even in the most unlikeliest of places [like; Amazing Spider-man #327!]

The X-Men have become one of the most powerful brandings in superhero fiction, and despite a lacklustre reputation for story content, many are already touting the return to mutant glory as Messiah Complex wraps up. While the validity of these claims remains to be seen, all indications are that the franchise is undergoing yet another period of transition. With the impact of the movies now far behind us, one wonders what awaits Marvel's merry mutants.

Deadpool #2 (February 1997)
"Operation: Rescue Weasel That Wacky Doctor's Game!" Kelly/McGuinness

The X-Universe has been known to be incredibly far reaching, and they don't reach much farther than Deadpool; the wisecrackin' merc with a mouth!

The infamous relationship-rivalry between 'Pool and the villain with a masterclass, Taskmaster, begins here, as DP's intelligence and weapons man, Weasel, finds himself swept up in a deadly prospect for greater job comfort!

Out to save his buddy, Deadpool finds his hideously disfigured face staring down one of the toughest opponents he has ever faced, but as always, does it with a laugh and a scabbed butt!

Captain America #6 (April 1997)
"Soldiers" Liefeld/Loeb

If it isn't time travelling, it's inter-dimensional travel!
The X-Men's struggle with the evil manifestation of Professor X's psychokinetic guilt and turmoil; better known as, Onslaught; comes at a terrible price to be paid. With the entire Marvel Universe swept up in the battle, the world's mightiest heroes prove the casualties when they seemingly sacrifice their lives for the fate of New York.

Unknown to the rest of the world, they are actually thrust into the safety of a pocket dimension created by the young mutant son of the Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards. Soldier from the future, Cable, soon becomes privvy to the truth when he stumbles upon Captain America by means unknown, and offers to
lend a hand in the fight against Baron Zemo and MODOK!

New X-Men #124 (May 2002)
"Superdestroyer" Morrison/Kordey

A complex series of plots against the X-Men have been initiated by Professor Xavier's telepathic twin and evil doppelganger, Cassandra Nova. A culmination of schemes blossoms in unbridled chaos as the X-Men struggle to deal with their fledgling gifted students, public relations, and the onslaught of a misdirected Shi'ar Imperial guard.

The X-Men are stretched to their very limit as the alien armada unleashes it's sleeper agents and waiting cosmic soldiers, erupting in an orgy of violence Beast, Wolverine, and Jean Grey are forced to contain. All this, plus the warfare of Nano-Sentinel technology, and the embarassment of having homo sapien guests in the mansion!

X-Men 2 (2003)
"X-Men United" Singer/Penn/Hayter/Dougherty/Harris

Long ago Professor Xavier and the mutant master of magnetism, Magneto, shared a dream of peaceful coexistence between humans and homo superior, but Magneto's past leads him to foresee an inevitable war between they and the ignorant massess of humanity.

When the first blow is struck by a manipulated US government, Wolverine finds himself at the centre of this war, all the while seeking answers to a history lost to him. It soon becomes evident that the two matters may be intertwined, but in order to find the truth, Wolverine must survive another like he: the lethal lady, Deathstrike!

New X-Men #150 (February 2004)
"Planet X" Morrison/Jiminez

Having perished in a Sentinal charge along with the mutant-populous of his Island nation, Genosha; Magneto becomes more powerful in death as a martyr to rally mutants and human alike to his rebellious cause.

The X-Men soon discover that Magneto's influence may be even farther reaching than they initially realised, when a new mutant called X'orn unmasks to reveal himself as the master of magnetism! With the aid of a power-enhancing drug called Kick; this Magneto wages war on New York City, contorting it's metal and stone to his own twisted ends. The X-Men must make a final stand as they face this power out of control, and risk everything to protect humans that
will no doubt come to fear and loathe them once again.

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