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You've just read the February Punch-Up (featuring Hellboy) and now you're curious about mythology in superhero comics. There's nothing to be ashamed about son, we all wonder the same thing. Fortunately for people like us, there are websites like this one, that are ready to accomodate your curiosity!

Hey, come on! Get your mind out of the gutter, sicko!
This isn't a sword and sandal grindhouse! We're a classy, thought provoking comics review site, and we're here to inform and enlighten. So cast off the double entendres, and take inspiration to seek more from your heroes! Go! GO! Follow the clockwork owl, he will take you to the stories you desire!

What If? #41 (October 1983)
"What if... Destiny had not Destroyed Atlantis?" Zelenetz/Silvestri/Candido

Over sixty years the Sub-Mariner has become akin to Marvel legend himself, but it's not Namor that classifies this as a mythological treasure. Did you know that, while the specifics of the Marvel universe may be unique, Atlantis owes it's history to Greek mythology?

Truth be told, the story of hidden undersea cities is common in many different lore, but you've got to credit those Ancient Greeks for supposedly living there!

Brush up on your ancient history (*cough*) with a battle for the throne as Namor fights Attuma to the death, with the might of Neptune cheering him on from the sidelines!

Mighty Thor Annual #15 (1990)
"... Can Terminus be far behind?" Thomas/Trimpe

Hey, speaking of the Greeks, lest we forget the heaviest drinking, hairiest singing, lariest hitting demi-god that walks the Earth? Aye, tis an issue of Thor, but travel beyond the cover true believer, to unlock a tale of magic muscle up against alien sci-fi Terminus spawn!

The Termini are evolving at an alarming rate, and in doing so have faced the Avengers in successive combat! As the metallic creatures reach an impetuous teen stage, the half-human son of Zeus must commit to mortal battle!

Forget Kevin Sorbo, kids. This guy's pure Reg Park, and he's ready to kick butt, and take thou name, evil fiend!

The Demon #17 (November 1991)
"Beyond Redemption" Grant/Semeiks

Some mythology in comics undergoes unique redefining through translation, but other times, the strokes are much broader, deriving only inspiration from legend.

The Demon Etrigan is a classic impish demon whose allegiances prove vague by the will of his human host, Jason Blood, and by his very nature as a bedevilling devil.
Here the erratic Etrigan finds his poetic verse directed to Wonder Woman, an Amazon inspired once more by Greek mythology, and conceptually reminiscent of the legendary golem - clay automaton animated to protect the innocent!

That's right, folks! It's a mythology double header!

Avengers #1 (November 1996)
"Awaken the Thunder!" Valentino/Liefeld/Yaep

Step aside Hercules! Thy barbaric thuggery dost offend mine mighty liege, Thor, Norse god of thunder!

Best known for his role with the Avengers; the Marvel hero is another adaptation of a god from mythology, this time of Scandanavian origin. The Nordic gods held root in viking lore, and would be promised a place in Valhalla, hero's heaven, should they die a noble death!

Thor's mischievious half-brother, Loki, constantly seeks to undo his brother, and it's this act that brings together the Avengers for the first time! Not enough Norse myth for you? Have thee a taste of thy hammer, Mjolnir, foul naive!

Hawkman #24 (March 2004)
"Black Reign" Johns/Morales

Greek, Norse, Judeo-Christian mythology? What could possibly trump demons, amazons, demi-gods, and full-gods? Why, how about an entire PANTHEON of gods?!

That's what you'll find when Billy Batson (or Teth-Adam) shout the special word - SHAZAM! Bestowed upon them by the Wizard Shazam, these mere mortals become Captain Marvel and Black Adam respectively, bitter rivals, and champions of the Wizard!

Their powers are summed by gods whose initials make up the acronym of SHAZAM, granting each super strength, wisdom, speed, endurance, and flight. Shazam, indeed!

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