Sunday, March 02, 2008

If you've been reading Secret Wars on Infinite Earths over the past month, you'll probably have noticed a couple of things. One of those would be the gradual emergence of the C2C features as weekened materials influenced by themes drawn for the entire month, and smaller references to events during the week.

The other thing you might have noticed in February was that my heart wasn't quite in it. For the latter parts of the month my energy levels were undoubtedly depleted, thus, with no obvious theme presenting itself for March, I thought it might be a good opportunity to go back to the beginning, to remind me where the Infinite Wars started, and where they've been! So push the button my friends, and send me back through time: to December 2005!

Wolverine #25 (April 2005)
"Enemy of the State" Millar/Romita Jr

Infinite Wars Fight File: #00001
You get lured to Japan to help some family connections out with a double-header of kidnapping and extortion - only to find out it's all been a ruse set up by your arch-enemies from Hydra. Yeah, that old caper!

Wolverine faces off against old allies in the culmination of events that have seen his death and resurrection by the Hand as an agent of Hydra! The net closes in as SHIELD and the Avengers join the hunt for Wolverine in a battle that will see the death of a beloved mutant, and the beginnings of the end of a world with unregistered superheroes. From the creative team behind Kick Ass!

Fantastic Four #3 (March 1998)
"Happy New Year, Reed Richards... Now DIE!" Lobdell/Davis

Infinite Wars Fight File: #00002
Earth's mightiest heroes shocked the world when they seemingly returned from the death, having died one year earlier in an epic confrontation with the psycho-kinetic manifestation of Professor X's evils: Onslaught!

Having been trapped in a pocket dimension of their son's creation, the Fantastic Four start a new life for themselves, having lost access to their headquarters when the abandoned Four Freedom's plaza was awarded to the Thunderbolts. Thus, a new era begins, but some things never change, as Reed Richards will find when he faces his old nemesis the Red Ghost, and his Super-Apes!

Identity Crisis #3 (October 2004)
"Serial Killer" Meltzer/Morales

Infinite Wars Fight File: #00003
The murder of Sue Dibny, wife of Elongated man, opens up old wounds as a secret history threatens to tear the Justice League apart in their time of mourning. A select group, suspecting the involvement of Dr. Light, go on a manhunt to bring harsh justice to the light powered villain.

Instead of Light, the League finds themselves confronted with the challenge of a bodyguard in the lethal mercenary, Deathstroke! The man called "terminator" is being paid to protect Dr. Light and has the perfect plan to dismantle the League's offenses one by one. Brad Meltzer's mystery series thickens with one of the biggest fights of the year!

Dark Knight Returns #4 (June 1986)
"The Dark Knight Falls" Frank Miller

Infinite Wars Fight File: #00004
The future has become a grim and gritty place, devoid of colourful heroes that once ensured it's safety. The moral grey calls to one of those forgotten warriors as the dawning of a new age demands satisfaction, and the call of the Bat rings true in Bruce Wayne's aged ears.

With most heroes dead, gone, and patently outlawed, the rebellious Batman rides a wave of hysteria in opposition to the political climate that saw the end of his era. The last of their kind, Superman, faces Batman in final battle, a shadow of his former-self as a puppet to a frightened government. It is a fight Superman will not soon forget!

New Invaders #6 (March 2005)
"Oil and Water" Jacobsen/Lucas

Infinite Wars Fight File: #00005
Regular artist CP Smith is absent in this sales grabbing Wolverine tie-in for a series well and truly floundering in it's status as sleeper flop of 2005. The kicker? It might just have been one of the best new series of the past decade!

A new breed of Invaders are gathered by the Thin Man in a clash with the Avengers over the oil rich Middle Eastern territory of Mazikhandar. The conflict soon draws the interests of the Sub-Mariner, who officially reunites with the team he championed during the Second World War! While continuing the struggle to maintain assurances in the region, the Invaders find themselves set upon by a Hydra controlled Wolverine, and the death of an Atlantean councellor soon makes it personal for Prince Namor!

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