Sunday, March 16, 2008

So, here we are, flashing back to February and March 2006! Oh, to be young again!
I'm a regular superhero comic guy. I'm reasonably satisfied with any situation that involves a colourful hero, a strong villain, and a little bit of drama in the background. Having lodged my entry into the comics blogging universe with heavy hitters like Dark Knight Returns, February '06 is an opportunity to introduce the formula that would hopefully make the Infinite Wars.

The notion of a superhero fight club is the kind of idea that had floated around in my head since childhood. Having toyed with the idea of using the convention of violence in comics as a spine for something else, the silently lurking ten year anniversary of the DC/Marvel crossover was the final nudge to really get me to get it done. This inevitably led to the first expansion beyond Friday Fight Nights, and a new way of approaching the Infinite Wars...

Green Arrow #45 (February 2005)
"Coming Out" Winick/Hester
Infinite Wars Fight File: #00011

It all got a little A&E there, didn't it? Y'know, the thought occurs that this isn't a site really significant enough for that kind of retrospection, never the less!... A penchant for urban glamour becomes evident as Green Arrow makes his solo debut in the Infinite Wars.

Eventual site-favourite, Judd Winick, fast-tracks the introduction of a suburban thug bringing street smarts and superhuman strength to the criminal underworld of Star City. In this classic fight, Green Arrow steps up to face The Brick man-to-man in a confrontation that undeniably reminds everyone why Green Arrow can dress in fairy green tights, and still be called a bad ass! Robin Hood never did this!

Daredevil #79 (January 2006)
"The Murdock Papers" Bendis/Maleev
Infinite Wars Fight File #00012

Though the Infinite Wars would be dominated by Batman from the get-go; Daredevil would be the site sponsored contender to the top five crown in Season 2006! The dream may not have been realised, but some of comics' greatest fights were had along the way!

Bendis and Maleev's heavy hitting run on the series begins it's conclusion with the stunning convergence of DD and some of his deadliest foes and friends. While the Kingpin pulls the strings from prison; Daredevil teams with Elektra and Black Widow in a race to restore balance to the life of Matt Murdock! Too bad for them the reunion isn't over, as Elektra comes face to face with the assassin who once killed her -- Bullseye!

Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #4 (December 2005)
"Zor!" Morrison/Sook
Infinite Wars Fight File: #00013

The influence of Identity Crisis lingers as we follow up the GA entry with another star of the critically acclaimed series - Zatanna! The Infinite Wars get a taste of magic as the conclusion of this chapter in Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers takes a turn for the surreal! Zatanna finds herself faced by a villain of hypothetical proportions, and magic that can easily match her own - Zor!

Seven Soldiers: Zatanna continues the journey of self-discovery for one of the DC Universe's most powerful influences! Still suffering the guilt of her decision to engage in the mind-wiping antics of the Justice League, this four-issue classic is all about how Zatanna got her groove back, and entered into the Secret Wars on Infinite Earths!

Hawkman #31 (October 2004)
"Fate's Warning" Gray/Palmiotti/Sook
Infinite Wars Fight File: #00014

A new month on the Infinite Wars, but the taste of Identity Crisis lingers as we delve into a new chapter in the future-history of Hawkman, featuring the enduring tandem team of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti!

A mysterious chemical creature is plaguing Hawkman's new home city of St. Roch, and in doing so, has given local law enforcement the desired opportunity to make a case that the Hawkster has gone rogue! A spate of murders dubbed "the angel killings" revolve around the placement of wings and a red X insignia on victims, but little do the boys in blue know, this is the work of a prophetic mutant madman, and for Hawkman, it may mean the loss of another love.

Marvel versus DC #2 (March 1996)
"The Showdown of the Century!" David/Castellini
Infinite Wars Fight File: #00015

It's the series that canonized the Infinite Wars!
Ten years after the showdown of the century, we take a closer look at some of the best (and worst) battles in crossover history! It all starts here with the clash of the titans: Captain Marvel vs Thor!

The lightning flies in one of the most downloaded battles in Infinite Wars history! These demi-deities may not put up the biggest fight you'll see browsing the infinite archives, but their entry into this series remains one of the least maligned -- no mean feat, to be sure!

The fairground throwdown is but the beginning, as the two universes battle for their existence, and the seeds are sewn for one of the unlikeliest powershifts in the history of comics!

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