Saturday, May 24, 2008


Sly and Robbie - Superthruster (1999)

Pulsing 1999 R&B single; not technically comic related, but a perfect follow-up to last week's grinding baseline in George Michael's Freeek!

Riding the mainstream animé boom of the time, this sleeper hit highlights the successful marriage of soundtrack and video. Sly and Robbie's tandem pursuit of a hi-tech harlequin automaton boasts slick graphics, showcasing early cell shading, and chic armor complimentary to the Invincible Iron Month theme!

As Smash Hits slowly devolves into an excuse to pull favourite film clips; I take comfort in the fact that if robbie were an adjective, this video would undoubtedly be that and sly.
Infectious beat with subtlty to spare!

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