Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hot Chip - Over and Over (2006)

Last week's smash hit hinged relevance on the presence of a t-shirt. Fret not, true believers! This week we're bringing the power of two t-shirts! Eagle-eyed fanboys will observe the exploding presence of Galactus and the Thing in what amounts to an eightiesesque celebration of the geek and his power over machines!

Featured on the 2006 popart album, The Warning; Over and Over is part of an arriving trinity of tracks (also including: And I was a Boy from School and Colours) that, in my mind, announced the official arrival of Hot Chip as a power in the mainstream of the electronica genre.

Fans looking for a month of Hulk-related anthems will have to settle for the omnipresence of green screens in this one, but you'll appreciate the ridiculous route once we arrive at next week's destination. Or not. Musically I like to naively think of someone like Franz Ferdinand as the contemporary realisation of a prophecy defined by Talking Heads; but as a celebrator of art and nerd-culture, I'd rate Hot Chip as a solid contender.

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