Saturday, July 12, 2008


U2 - Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me (1995)

Christopher Nolan's eagerly anticipated follow-up to Batman Begins hits cinemas in just a couple of weeks, and in celebration, the Infinite Wars are indulging in all things Bat - soundtracks included!

Tim Burton tags out to Joel Schumacher for Batman Forever in a switch that would initiate the steep decline of the franchise!
Still, as the movies donned the proverbial concrete sneakers, cross promotion saw the abstract association produce some memorable sounds!

Seal's Kiss from a Rose might actually be the most memorable single from the 1997 soundtrack - but it was U2 that benefitted the most from an association that produced, not only a hit record, but also one of the greatest music videos in their catalogue!

Batman slid quite conveniently into the MTV-chic of U2's coinciding PopMart movement. The branding boasted a decadent indulgance in popular iconography which famously included the unforgettable autonamous appearances of Tomb Raider's, Lara Croft, contributing to that cultural phenomenon.

Reminiscent of the HBO Spawn series - moreso than the popular Batman cartoon of the time - the video features allusions to scenes from the film; it's characters (Riddler and Two-Face); U2's neon PopMart signage; and Mr. Mephisto - a Joker-esque character adopted by Bono at the conclusion of concerts performances.

U2 do not have this song for sale on Amazon, which is why you'll find the delightful cover by Inertia in the applet above. I personally feel it's an adequate replacement, even if it doesn't have the joyous curiosity of the music video.

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