Saturday, July 19, 2008


Underworld - Moaner (1997)

Am I the only person with absolutely no recollection of Batman & Robin's soundtrack?
Christopher Nolan's eagerly anticipated follow-up to Batman Begins hit cinemas this week, and in celebration, the Infinite Wars has been indulging in all things Bat - soundtracks included!

Comic book cinematic adaptations have a long and dirty history, but few blemishes are remembered with as much ire as Joel Schumacher's second outing with the dark knight in 1997's, Batman & Robin.

Infamous for it's camp script, cheesy villains, questionable casting, overcrowded population, and design that included nipples in the batsuit, among other enhancements; Batman & Robin very nearly brought the Bat-franchise to it's untimely death.

Val Kilmer challenges the likeable Clooney for worst Batman by virtue of a superior script alone, but it's notable that their influence on the superhero sub-genre had positives. Namely, it paved the way for a complete reboot of the franchise, drawing more exclusively on some of the most revered source materials to produce Batman Begins, and now, The Dark Knight -- the highest grossing opening picture in history!

I'm a bit of a fan of Underworld, but I can't really say I remember the track making any significant appearance in the film. Suffice to say, the soundtrack proves to be the other noteworthy positive, also featuring the Smashing Pumpkins single, The Beginning is the End is the Beginning, which was recently resurrected by pop-loving director, Zak Snyder, for the Watchmen trailer.

The whole thing is just bizarre...

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