Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's Olympic season on the Infinite Wars, which means, after spotlighting some of the characters you know and love, we can turn our attentions away from cinemas to get back to what's important -- super fights!

Last week it was all about the martial arts, but we told you we like the big time clashes between Hulk and Hercules, and we're stripping all that "skill" stuff away to get down and dirty with exactly that! On offer is a selection of the finest fist-pounding power of the supermen from Marvel and DC! What could be more Olympic than that? That actually isn't a rhetorical question...

Get whipped up into a frenzy with these battles because in tomorrow's update we're bringing you our very own Infinite Wars Olympic Games, pitting the ranked heroes and villains against one and other in the sporting arena! We'll be abound in Fantasy League points as we dish out medals under the most debatable and dubious of thematic circumstances!
You should also keep an eye on the top right for polls to determine the dominant forces of our seven sciences of victory! Enough of the hoohah, let's get ready to rumble!

Tales to Astonish #79 (May 1966)
"The Titan and the Torment!" Lee/Everett/Kirby

Those puny humans are always harassing Hulk, but if military green and weapons of destruction aren't to the jade giant's liking, how about the pounds of pressure produced by the son of Zeus?

On his way to begin a career in Hollywood, Hercules will come face-to-face for the very first time with an opponent that will continue to offer the prince of power a sporting opponent! When his train is derailed, Hercules steps up, ready to meet gamma-irradiated strength however it may be dealt!

It's an all-star line-up both on and off the page as a triple threat of Stan Lee, Bill Everett and Jack Kirby do what they do best: tell face-cracking superhero action epics!

Incredible Hulk #205 (November 1976)
"Do Not Forsake Me!" Wein/Buscema/Staton

Hercules a little too obvious an opponent for your tastes?
Do you require something less predictable to whet your increasing appetite for destruction? Want a rarer thrill to add to your Infinite Wars campaign? How about the obscure automaton menace that once successfully drained the strength of Thor?!

The robotic Crypto-Man has been revived by a mysterious mad scientist, and in his quest for power, he'll pit this mechanical muscle against the most powerful bruiser on the planet -- the Hulk!

This time the trio is Len Wein, Sal Buscema, and Joe Staton, and the stakes are even higher! Hulk's alien love interest, Queen Jarella, finds herself in a crossfire that might yet claim her life, and change the Hulk's outlook forever!

Action Comics #713 (September 1995)
"Scarlet Salvation" Michelinie/Dwyer/Rodier

In 1993 the world watched in awe as an alien menace called Doomsday arrived on planet Earth to do what many thought impossible -- kill the Man of Steel!

Doomsday and Superman seemingly struck each other down in the centre of Metropolis, but the last son of Krypton soon found his way back to life, returning to champion the greater good of humanity!

Some people proved unconvinced by Superman's miraculous return. People like convicted mass murderer, Ramsey Murdoch. Believing the new Superman to bet another fake perpetrated by the likes of Brainiac; Murdoch manifests latent psychokinetic abilities that allow him to reshape the world as he sees fit, and march against the Superman with the conviction of a madman who believes himself a saviour!

Hawkman #24 (March 2004)
"Black Reign" Johns/Morales

Once, centuries ago, Theo-Adam of Khandaq was the Wizard Shazam's chosen warrior to defend good in the world. By invoking the magic word of the wizard's name, Adam was transformed into a magically enhanced dark knight with the power of the Egyptian gods!

Centuries after Black Adam succumbed to the temptation of brutality and evil, he once again spills blood on the sands of Khandaq, this time in the name of the greater good. Having betrayed the trust of the Justice Society of America; Adam leads a small group of insurgents to overthrow the dictatorship of his homeland in order reclaim it.

Standing in his way is the successor to the Shazam powers - Captain Marvel! In this clash of magically powered titans it will prove to be the wisdom of Zehuti that wins the day!

Captain Atom: Armageddon #1 (December 2005)
"A Scream Across the Sky" Pfeifer/Camuncoli

A cosmic mission to stop the impending destruction of Earth by Kryptonite meteorite sends Captain Atom on a suicide mission into the unknown. The hero, coated in alien alloy, succesfully curbs doom, but in doing so, triggers a quantum shift that throws him through time and space!

When the Captain next awakes he finds himself on a strange parallel Earth, embued with a new golden sheen. The glaze of his alien shell attracts unwanted attention in a world that has been conditioned to fear and loathe the presence of super powered individuals.

When Mr. Majestic intervenes it's an all-out energy blasting war as he unleashes his atomic fury against the Kherubian authority!

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