Saturday, August 02, 2008


Björk - Hunter (1997)

August is almost-Olympics month on the Infinite Wars, and to reflect the spirit of the games, the Smash Hits will be dedicated to artists from around the world! Artists like, Björk!

The firey Icelandic pixie upset Chinese officials with a recent performance of the single Declare Independence during a tour stop in Shanghai.
The song, previously attached to struggles in Greenland and Kosovo, was this time dedicated to the taboo subject of Tibetan independence. [Apologies to filtered Chinese readers who, as near as I can tell, can't visit already, or are one of the few nations in the world not interested in superhero fights.]

Substantially less controversial was Hunter - a song that appeared on the soundtrack of 1997's X-Files feature film.
Last week's July 25 release of I want to Believe successfully launched the franchise back to the big screen!

What does that have to do with comics?
One could point to the Topps Comics releases of the mid-nineties, or even Wildstorm's latest licensing special, but really, this is a thinly veiled excuse to get some Björk into the mix...

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