Saturday, August 09, 2008


Cassius - Feeling For You (1999)

August is almost-Olympics month on the Infinite Wars! To reflect the spirit of the games the Smash Hits will be dedicated to artists from around the world! Artists like French electro duo, Cassius!

'Feeling for you' follows on from the success of the titular track from Cassius debut album, 1999. The pair resurrect their music video avatar for a second outing, this time in a more narrative affair that brings the Deadman-inspired disco hero into conflict with the evil overlords of a major record company!

Drawing upon pop culture cues that include references to Batman (C signal & sixties cuts), Superman (port-a-potty change), and the Phantom (C ring?); the French pair lay down a dance track that succeeds at being subtle, but also catchy. Still a long way from Daft Punk or Air, I find this track most memorable for it's video, but if you're feeling daring, give Toop Toopa whirl!

No doubt we'll check in with Cassius 1999 sometime in the future, but don't worry fanboys! Viewing the videos out of order will not hinder your enjoyment of continuity. Haw!

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