Saturday, August 23, 2008


a-ha - Take On Me (1985)

August is almost-Olympics month on the Infinite Wars! To reflect the spirit of the games the Smash Hits will be dedicated to artists from around the world! Artists like Norway's masters of synthpop, a-ha!

Tracks like the a-ha classic have sponsored a mass revival of feelgood kitsch classics from the eighties pop scene, and thrust inspiration into the artists of the double-ohs. I think it's very fair to say many contemporary artists fall considerably short of their inspirations, resting on the fad of nostalgia as an easy out.

a-ha's technologically confronting video for Take On Me was anything but a lazy gimmick! An extensive rotoscope process merged had drawn, sketchy animation, with live-action content to create a conceptual masterpiece imitated and admired even in this age of CG animation and computer effects!

For comics fans the significance of the video might at first seem minimal, but as an piece of artwork inspired by the medium we love, it marks a fine ambassadorial entry into the enticement of comic book culture in the mainstream. It's a testament to the artform, which, clearly, crosses the boundaries of language and creed to present a universal piece of entertainment.

Say what you will about the legitimate artistry of a-ha's pop riffs -- nothing can take away from the swell of pride we should feel for this advertisement for the comics medium. Bravo, fellows!

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