Saturday, September 27, 2008


Seal - Kiss from a Rose (1994)

For the 1992 Batman animated series, acclaimed composer, Shirley Walker, devised a mourning rendition of Danny Elfman's famous Batman march from Tim Burton's feature film.
It could be said Walker's version captured the morose and grim tones of the Dark Knight detective, and the world of Gotham City, better than any other anthem, but I'm sure this isn't the only school of thought.

Of all the soundtracks associated with the Batman brand, Seal's re-issued romantic ballad, originally from his self-titled 1994 album, might just have the biggest mainstream penetration [pun convenient, but unintended].

Not to say I don't appreciate the falsetto and high fashion motiff of Seal's music, but it's fair to say it represents one of the purest encapsulations of studio agenda in cross promotion. The song's wide recognition may owe Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever credit as a launching pad, but I imagine few connect it to the moody struggles of Batman's war on crime. More likely pubescent's war on bra straps.
Am I right? Hollah at me playas! [sic]

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