Saturday, October 11, 2008


The Cure - Burn (1994)

At a glance this might appear to be the most removed song featured yet, but to avoid any goth-related hate crimes, we'll give you the heads up!

James O'Barr created The Crow whilst stationed with the military in Germany in the early eighties. Having enlisted after the death of his fiancée, the comics reflected his own morose feelings concerning the tragedy.

The tone and time made The Cure a logical artist to invite to contribute an original song to the soundtrack of the film.
Burn was the result!

Sadly, The Crow film led to another tragedy, the accidental death of the film's star, Brandon Lee. O'Barr worked closely with the star on the film and was said to be deeply effected by his friend's passing.

[NOTE: For the uninitiated: this is a fan-made video.]

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