Saturday, October 25, 2008


Marilyn Manson & The Sneaker Pimps - Long Hard Road out of Hell (1997)

So, we come to the end of our Halloween Smash Hits! Through the wonders of the internet you might actually be able to watch this one, despite [Universal] record company's intent not to advertise their music with expensive videos.
(Or not. Click away, Meryl!)

The video this time comes from the soundtrack to the 1997 Spawn feature film! Fans will remember the movie for it's compromises to the adult nature of the character, transforming the hellspawn into an action-packed PG-13 alternate that actually wasn't as bad as some would have you believe.

Preceeding Blade by a year, and the subsequent flood of superhero movies; Spawn pushed then contemporary high-end CG (and prosthetics) to an audience that was on the verge of tiring of cheap tricks. Actually, the effects served the film relatively well, and while Martin Sheen negated McFarlane's obssessive cultural messages, his presence was still something of a Hollywood coup.

John Leguizamo arguably stole the show as an almost unrecognisable fat-suited Clown, playing opposite Michael Jai White who, with some acting classes, might've been a fitting replacement for departing Terrence Howard's role as Jim Rhodes.

This kind of action movie might have fizzled out by the end of the nineties, but the soundtrack remains a high point for the Spawn film. Pairing heavy metal artists with electronic influences (including Moby, of all people), the soundtrack's production values rival the film's. It also pioneered a trend of collaborations that was followed by the Blade sequel.

It's Marilyn Manson, so viewer discretion is advised.
Misbehaving children will not be visited by the Great Pumpkin this year if they defy parental standards. Incidentally, I'm not a huge fan of the video, but it's a great track, just the same.

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