Saturday, November 15, 2008


Adema - Immortal (2002)

Way back when this was supposed to be current, there was a little video game coming out the following Sunday called, Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe!
As the Infinite Wars has fallen into the abyss of lateness and distraction the relevance might be lost, but the smash hit reference remains!

The 2002 revival of the dormant Mortal Kombat franchise didn't just include the best game to bare the brand, but also a multitude of bonus features, such as the Adema track seen here!
The group performed the song live at the MK booth of that year's E3, while also cross-promoting the game with their album, Insomniac's Dream, through their music video and MK: Deadly Alliance commercials. The adverts featured an exciting CG clash between contemporary models of Scorpion and Quan Chi - popular arch-nemesis' in this generation of the series.

The clip not only showcases the new designs and three-dimensional aspects of the modern MK release, but also offers an underlying piece of the puzzle that leads to Quan Chi's team-up with classic villain, Shang Tsung (who hears the battle outside and naturally goes to shoo those punk kids off his acid bathed lawn).

For fans who agree Deadly Alliance remains the most promising entry in the Mortal Kombat series, the song is sure to conjure up fond memories. Particularly if you only need standard cutlery to account for the years of your life you cannot numerate with your fingers.
While MKvsDC has boasted a dynamic new superhero-influence system of fighting, it was Deadly Alliance that brought the series into the fighting arena for the first time. Diverse mocapping and a modicum of attention to the individuality of styles turned MK into a fluid strategic exercise with a hint of character. That was lost over subsequent instalments, but at least we have backward compatability!

When it comes to compatability, chances are plenty of appliances you'll be using these holidays will take +AA. Energizer have tailored their latest product toward the modern technophile with Advanced Lithium! Lighter and longer-lasting, they're perfect for digital appliances, and are much easier than absorbing souls for a power-boost.

Energizer have sponsored a brand new message board for the fantastic music service, Pandora. I discovered the service a few years ago and have used it to discover some great artists, like Austrian songstress, Gustav. Party-on!

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