Saturday, December 27, 2008


Busta Rhymes feat. Mariah Carey - I know what you want (2003)

At first glance this track's relevance might appear a little vague, but give the video a few seconds, and you'll quickly find the first of several comic book tie-ins.

Michael Jai White is well known to fanboys for his starring roles as Al Simmons in Spawn (1997), and as Gambol in The Dark Knight. He appears early in the video as an absentee boyfriend entrusting Busta and the Flipmode gang to protect his favourite girl.

Give the video a little longer and you'll get an extra treat in between Busta making baby eyes with the camera, and Mariah Carey doing whatever it is Mariah Carey is allegedly appreciated for.
A full two years before Robert Rodriguez was able to fasttrack the Sin City film; Busta delivers everything fanboys dreamt of in brief animated segues in the movie. Appearing rendered in contrasting black and white, the clip comes packed with bold Frank Miller white silhouettes; pounding streams of rain; and dramatic shadows casting the form of the titular character. The clips bridge from - wait for it - an attractive young lady spending her time reading a comic book!

Making this clip particularly relevant - the solo directorial debut of Frank Miller with the December 25 release of The Spirit - filmed in a similar manner to the Sin City feature.

While inexplicable, the stylish animated sequences are an appreciated piece of art in an otherwise hum-drum video. Musically it's Busta-lite, if you ask me, but one of many fine examples of the rap star's fond association with pop-culture. Shame about H20...

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