Saturday, December 20, 2008


Mark Collie - In Time (2004)

2004's Punisher, directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, presented a curious blend of ideas in realising the Punisher on the big screen. Completed removed from the 1989 debut of the character on film, Hensleigh drew heavily upon his own influences, presenting a gunslinger, more than the traditional urban vigilante that is, Frank Castle.

In maintaining the ties between his film version and the comics, Hensleigh peppers the film with references to the Garth Ennis storyarc, Welcome Back, Frank, while adding his own comic book influenced curiosities. Among them, Mark Collie as the Johnny Cash-esque mercenary, Harry Heck.
Collie, a musician, delivers an original track written as a folk ballad tribute to Frank Castle.

While not tone-perfect to the source material, details like these, that further enhance a Western sensibility do make for a strangely enjoyable film.

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