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At the end of 2007, the unthinkable was about to occur to Spider-man!

One of the more questionable moves by Marvel EIC, Joe Quesada, finally made good on a long documented disdain for the marriage between Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson. Despite the mainstream success of the relationship on the big screen, the pair were torn apart, their union erased from history by Mephisto!
In an effort to avoid tainting the moral fibre of Peter Parker, the decision was taken out of his hands, placing the final decision in the self-sacrificing hands of Mary-Jane, who agreed to erase her marriage in exchange for the prolonged life of a dying Aunt May. This was the solution deemed superior to divorce, alien abduction, or death.

As a result of this bizarre (and poorly executed) set of circumstances, the Infinite Wars took a chance to look elsewhere during 2008. After almost completely disappearing from the line-up for an entire year, Spidey returned this week with our review of Amazing #585! For all you webheads out there who've missed the hero, we offer up a range of classic reviews featured in the Infinite Wars! On show is both the past and future, with upcoming Ultimate Spider-man artist, David Lafuente, representing the latter, on show with his artistic collaboration with Kano!

Amazing Spider-man Annual #4 (1967)
"The Web and the Flame!" Lee/Lieber

When the Human Torch appears to be on a rampage in a populated city street, Spider-man swings in to save the day. Little does he know, Johnny Storm's landed himself a part in a Hollywood feature film!

In the times before computer generated special effects, Spidey makes for a great secondary addition to the film, but the misunderstandings continue as another Human Torch situation gets out of control!

Intent on destroying one and other, Spider-man and Human Torch wage war against one and other across the backlot of the film sets. All the while, the masterminds of the misunderstandings watch on from a hidden lair. Masterminds who go by the names -- The Wizard and Mysterio!

Amazing Spider-man #176 (January 1978)
"He Who Laughs Last...!" Wein/Andru

Aunt May is in the hospital after a heated exchange with a police officer during a rights for the elderly march, but Spidey's got more problems than just the wacky adventures of the terminally hospitalized Golden Oldie!

Psychologist supreme, Dr. Hamilton, has been kidnapped with signs of a struggle, and all signs point to a patient who's gone off the deep end -- but isn't Dr. Hamilton treating the amnesia stricken Green Goblin, Harry Osborn?

That's right true believers! The Green Goblin is back in action, and his first stop is his apartment, where he rooms with one Flash Thompson. Uh oh, looks like Flash is about to step in it real good, unless a certain spectacular individual can spider his way over there!

Spider-man Unlimited #2 (August 1993)
"The Hatred, the Horror and the Hero" DeFalco/Lim

The assembled might of Spider-man, Venom, Black Cat, Captain America, Iron Fist, Deathlok, Cloak, Dagger, Morbius and Nightwatch has finally broken up the reign of terror perpetrated by the Carnage Family, but the fight has not yet been won!

Carnage has escaped death once more, but Venom remains dedicated to hunting down the symbiote spawn of his own alien costume, and destroying it, with or without Spider-man's approval.

Spidey's sense of responsibility brings him to the fight, but as Cletus Kasady becomes further detached from reality, Spidey cannot escape the pull of pity, feeling a responsibility to protect Carnage from Venom's lethal objectives.
Has Spidey done the ultimate good, or sealed his fate by stepping into the crossfire of two of his most powerful enemies? Stay tuned!

Spider-man: Blue #2 (August 2002)
"Let's Fall in Love" Loeb/Sale

Bitten by a radio active spider; gawky high school nerd, Peter Parker, finds himself with the unlikely proportionate strength, speed and agility of a spider. With this new-found power, and his own inventive brilliance, Parker sets out to take on the ultimate responsibility of a vigilante!

As Spider-man, Peter comes into conflict with many others with rare and unique gifts. Men who would do great good, and great evil in this world. Men who would use their abilities to pursue him in personal grudges. Men who would hunt him like a rare and unique animal.

Men like the Rhino who, while being held under gas induced sedation, finds himself free to seek revenge on Spider-man after a mysterious enemy sets him free. Rampaging through the city, Rhino looks for payback, and the web-slinger is all too happy to oblige, but does he have it in him to defeat the Rhino again? Or will the mystery man step out of the shadows to capitalize? Stay tuned!

Spider-man Family #2 (June 2007)
"Undone" McKeever/Kano/Lafuente

Nightly patrol for the web-slinger turns up an unfortunate sight when the screams of a limousine driver draws his attentions to one of the deadliest of his lethal foes - the alien costume clad, Venom!
The symbiote baring madman menaces the corporate passenger, seemingly without reason, but when Peter Parker researches the significance of Ione Damasco and her associates, he uncovers enough of the truth to receive a package from the lethal protector himself!

Venom's notes reveal the truth about Damasco and the pharmaceutical company she serves as a board member for, Devlin-MacGregor. Their greed led them to perform involuntary experiments on the homeless, a fact uncovered by Venom in his life as a Bugle reporter. Now empowered by the symbiote; Eddie Brock stalks the members of the board in an effort to exact brutal justice for their inhuman experiments, and vengeance for their threats to he and his wife.

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