Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Throughout 2016 we've been discussing the phenomenon of substitute heroes in Monday's Hero of the Week spotlight. It seems the trend of borrowing iconic costumes and identities is back in vogue - especially at Marvel Comics! This type of identity crisis is nothing new, and since we're coming up to Halloween, this Old Comics Wednesday we're looking back at the heroes who played dress-up!

By hitting the covers below you'll be transported back to battles featuring: Wally West aka; The Flash, Dick Grayson aka; BatmanJames Rhodes aka; Iron Man, Beta Ray Bill aka; Thor, John Walker aka; Captain America, Dan Ketch aka; Ghost Rider, Guy Gardner aka; Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner aka; Green Lantern, Ryan Choi aka; The Atom, Stephanie Brown aka; Robin, Ben Reilly aka; Spider-man, Mac Gargan aka; Spider-man, Rogue aka; Thor, and many more!

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