Monday, December 19, 2016

Real Name: June Moone
First Appearance: Strange Adventures #187 (April, 1966)
Fight Club Ranking: #513

Featured Fights:
- vs BRIMSTONE: Legends #3 (Jan 1987)
- vs BRONZE TIGER: Legends #3 (Jan 1987)

For the most part, the year is ending relatively devoid of exciting new stand-out topics. Logan is making its case as a promising cinematic destination for 2017, but we've touched on Wolverine and Professor X, and will probably talk more deeply about those characters when it's more relevant.

Indeed, it seems as if there'll be a lot of movie influence in what's relevant next year, but then, that was quite true of this year, as well. Take August for example, when we went all-in on Suicide Squad to coincide with the release of cinema's self-proclaimed "worst superheroes ever".

Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc were all topical talking points as Heroes of the Week. It would seem wrong to let the year pass without taking a moment to discuss one of the most talked about aspects of the movie - controversial final villain: Enchantress.

It was very difficult to get to grips with exactly what Suicide Squad's plot would be when guns blazed to Ballroom Blitz. Joker seemed better suited to a glorified cameo from the outset, but the attention lavished upon Jared Leto's grotesque image made audience confusion understandable. There certainly wasn't a lot of indication of what else the movie might actually be about!

When group shots first started emerging from the film, my eye was definitely drawn to the striking image of a J-Horror looking lady with a crescent on her head. Despite the obvious hieroglyphic clue, I can't say I  recognized the figure as June Moone until it was made abundantly explicit by promotional materials.

In a cast that included El Diablo and a general off-the-shelf cosplay aesthetic, I guess I just figured we'd be introduced to someone more obscure. Then again, it may be that I'm just a little too in love with the iconic eighties sash wearing Enchantress -- more Kate Bush than Ringu.

Not that my references were entirely off the mark! I won't speak to execution in the film, but the twist that makes Enchantress a Ghostbusters-esque Third Act villain actually sits quite well with the Suicide Squad's first appearance in comics!

By design, or coincidence of convergent logic, Legends had basic elements in common with the foundations laid for DC's Cinematic Universe in 2016. Granted, in Legends #3, it was Darkseid and his firey agent Brimstone who set the Suicide Squad into motion. Broad references more applicable to what supposedly informed Batman v Superman, and is said to be coming in Justice League.

The key similarity here was the post-script for Enchantress. After using her sorcery to defend the Suicide Squad from Brimstone's blazing corpse, she becomes a new threat, succumbing to evil.

In Legends #3, they have enduring Suicide Squad icon Bronze Tiger to abruptly curb Enchantress' attempt at insubordination. It's over in a matter of panels. Yet, in that original mission, there is the perfect premise for an enemy within, which could play very well in a cinematic context. If nothing else, I would definitely say hate the movie -- not the concept!

Hate seems to be the conclusion of many, despite Suicide Squad's massive monetary box office success. Enchantress remains one of the most talked about aspects of the movie. As we draw near the end of 2016, that was more than enough to make her our Hero of the Week!

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