Monday, March 06, 2017

Real Name: Kent Nelson
First Appearance: More Fun Comics #55 (May, 1940)
Fight Club Ranking: #144

Featured Fights:
- vs MORGAUTH: JSA Strange Adventures #1 (Oct 2004)
- vs DEMONS THREE: Justice League Unlimited #14 (Dec 2005)

The big reveals for DC Comics fighting game Injustice 2 keep coming with what might be the most exciting new addition yet: Doctor Fate! The good doc was unveiled in a new trailer late last week, which delivers a promising first look at the golden age hero's fighting game debut!

I'm not totally sold on the slightly robotic, in-helmet voice, but it's an otherwise enjoyable depiction based on what we've seen. NetherRealm Studios being what they are, they've fiddled with the generally simple design that serviced the character since his introduction in the 1940s. Given their penchant for straps, shoulder pads, flaps, and other clutter, it's a tasteful adaptation. The gold is nice, and extra panels of armor and patterns are kept to a relative minimum. The faint gold on his stomach reads a little like an unfortunate food stain beneath his armored bib -- but it's not too bad.

The aesthetic appeal of Doctor Fate's helmet is always a pleasure and should be more than enough to excite a neophyte gaming audience about the character. I'm a little less confident in what the story mode will put forward.

One of the most critical flaws of the much praised Injustice: Gods Among Us was its half-hearted plot and characterization. It remains the toughest aspect to sell, even though it tends to be one of the most lauded on release. A lot of reviewers and fans have already begun to turn on the first games flimsy premise. Here's hoping greater investment can be made to up the quality and DC Comics reference.

I'm not holding my breath, but I like enough of what I'm seeing to make Doctor Fate our Hero of the Week! With any luck we can back that up some time in the future with a few more featured fights. The two battles (noted top) tap into Fate's charming affiliations with the JSA and Justice League, but do little to feature the hero like he should be! One of many for the To Do List, methinks!

Injustice 2 is out in two months, coming May for PS4 and Xbox One. With any luck we'll get a chance to look more closely at some of the interesting new characters. If that isn't enough for you, why not flash back to the last time Doctor Fate made the grade as a 2009 HOTW! You can also find plenty more DC Comics heroes & villains in action by following links and diving into the Archive Index! The Lords of Order compel you!

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