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In the first round of Fantasy Fights from the Infinite Wars, Marvel proved their overall superiority in fifteen seperate battles that culminated with your vote deciding their fate. Now, with DC vanquished, the Marvel Heroes are back to tangle with some old enemies: The world warriors of Capcom's Street Fighter!

By popular demand the Fantasy Fights are sticking around for seven more rounds of non-stop non-canon action! When the characters met in the video games, they were united against common goals, but this time some of Marvel's greatest fighters will be initiated as they duke it out for supremacy over the SF classics!

Strength: Draw 2 (Average)
Intelligence: Elektra 4 (Tactician)
Speed: Chun-Li 4 (Olympian)
Stamina: Draw 4 (Athlete)
Agility: Draw 4 (Gymnast)
Fighting Ability: Draw 5 (Martial Artist)
Energy Powers: Chun-Li 3 (Explosives)

The Hook...
When it came to considering potential match-ups, a lot of characters came to mind. It's not at all surprising that the Capcom vs Marvel video games focused their attentions on popular Marvel characters, but there's always been that desire to see more pure fighters in the series. Lord knows it's a lasting disappointment that I couldn't find numbers to cram Batroc/Vega into the Fantasy Fights!

The solo movie left a little to be desired, but after Jennifer Garner's turn in Daredevil, Elektra has well and truly fullfiled both the popularity and the fighting skill for a scenario like this. Originally I considered her a match-up for Cammy, but ultimately I think there's more resonance between her and Black Widow.

Which means Chun-Li kinda gets left with the scraps here.
They're both expert fighters with some association to law enforcement, even if Elektra's turn with SHIELD does little to balance the ambiguity of her character against Chun-Li's role as an Interpol "goodie." If you really wanted to find thematic commonalities, there's also the fact that each have sought revenge for the murder of a father, Chun-Li's mission bringing her to Bison, while Elektra first came to blows with Daredevil under said circumstances.

Regardless of the trinkets of their character, this would always be a fanatstic fight between two iconic female characters!

The Math: Chun-Li Ranking: Elektra (#35)

The Battle...
If you go by the last round [Cammy/Black Widow] you can use that logic to steer to a pretty clean conclusion between these two, as well.

Behind the over-the-top qipao lurks a relatively subdued character in Chun-Li. She's the atypcial vendetta-cop, professional, but extra motivated by personal revenge. In the world of Street Fighter that could easily leave her without any kind of ki arsenal, but lucky for her, she's got some fireball action to go with the yup-yupping flurry of the super-fast lightning kick combo.

CHUN-LI displays the fast and furious flurry of the lightning kick! Seen in TOKUMA's STREET FIGHTER II #1!While equally bizarre in dress, Elektra is a little less flashy.
Her moves don't have fancy names, and aren't elaborate displays of martial arts or light shows. Elektra's an assassin of the highest degree, and when we refer back to the last battle of assassins, we come down to a basic representation of two-dimensional character traits.

Chun-Li, though a proficient fighter and lead protagonist, could not quite be regarded the 'best there is at what she does.' Elektra, on the other hand, operates on a premise of being, yes, prone to death, but when not dying, a master assassin with no equal. Ergo, you do the math.

Again, this is going to be a fiercely choreographed battle between two skilled fighters capable of throwing a wide variety of limbs in deadly ways. Elektra is presumably not going to be out to kill Chun-Li, but failing more specific descriptions, the lengths she is willing to go to may give her some edge.

The Hammer...
Okay, well, there's something to consider!
The math has failed to accurately calculate the last two results. After two years, could this be the first definitive signs of the patented Haseloff system cracking, or is this a betrayal of a higher order? One thing's for sure: You can help decide the fate of the Street Fighters and Marvel Heroes by voting in the poll!
There's only one more weekend before the finale, and though the Capcom characters are making a late charge, Marvel's dominance looks untested!

ELEKTRA is revealed to be a Skrull in NEW AVENGERS #31!Interesting futures lie in wait for each of these characters, interestingly enough. Elektra, having already tasted feature film success, will be joined by a solo-faring Chun-Li when she breaks out the blue and yellow in a Street Fighter film unrelated to the previous! The film, starring Kristin Kreuk in the title-role, will presumably play closer to what we know of Chun-Li, placing the femme fatale on a quest for justice.

Likewise, in the comics, a new series of UDON's Street Fighter Legends will coincide with the film, and Street Fighter IV video game release, spotlighting Chun-Li. Hardly surprising that one of video game history's first major female protagonists would be at the centre of this new reneissance of Street Fighter action!

Meanwhile, over at Marvel, things are a little bit quieter.
While Elektra has had her time in the sun, the inevitable question being asked in the lead up to Marvel's Skrull Invasion line-wide event will be -- Where is Elektra, and when was she swapped? The answers may lie in the pages of the disgracefully delayed Might Avengers, but until those issues have caught up, we live in wonder [and joyous distain for Bendis!].


2 versus 2

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