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Monthly Punch-Ups featured related DC vs Marvel artwork not seen in the round-up!COVER TO COVER:

So continues our weekend trip through the past: featuring entries from March 2006! A milestone month for the site, this meant not only the tenth anniversary celebratory recap of the DC versus Marvel mini-series, but also the first time the site went twice weekly! Oh, they were crazy days indeed! Yessir!

As I do my best to drag my heels through an even more active schedule on the Infinite Wars, I sometimes find myself a little worried about the quality of content. While I couldn't begrudge any critic for poking holes in portions of discussion, I take some comfort from seeing just how substantial the change has been from those early days of considerably shorter entries. I think, at the very least, some of the encyclopaedic and summarizing qualities of the site have really been rounded out quite well.

It's my feeling that the general theme of the site probably undermines some of these more admirable qualities, particularly when it comes to presenting insights and unique opinions through the filter of the creative process. I congratulate and thank those of you who have found enjoyment both in the dressing of the site, that of a superhero fight blog, but also in the written content beyond pretty pictures.

Marvel Comics Presents #19 (May 1989)
"Overture" McDuffie/Colón
Infinite Wars Fight File: #00016

Season 2006 was a quaint year for the Super Stock rankings. A less full schedule meant spotted appearances of any character would ensure prominence in our on-going ranks. Such was the tale of Daredevil in 2006, the inadvertently sponsored site-favourite!

Marvel Comics Presents embodies some of those 'inconsequential' gems we've been talking about more recently, and it's here that we not only mine the first appearance of Damage Control, but also bring an obscure throwdown between DD and longterm bitch, Turk!

Not properly discussed was the unique method of placing the fight both in the back, and fore grounds, whilst introducing the peddling insurance men of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel versus DC #2 (March 1996)
"The Showdown of the Century!" David/Jurgens
Infinite Wars Fight File #00017

It hasn't really been well observed by favourtism in the Infinite Wars, but once upon a time I was known for my fandom of the Sub-Mariner. Today, the character enjoys fairly widespread online status as geek-chic cool. As writers slowly manipulate the character to better represent his central status in the Marvel Universe, the intriguing qualities of the character emerge to all.

Alas, the same can not be said for his DC successor, whose subaquatic adventures have gone from one cancellation to another. Aquaman may have been replaced and retconned into an entirely different man, but his fight with Namor is something that fans may never stop discussing. A fight that will live in infamy. Damn you, Peter David! It was Earth!!!

Iron Man #159 (June 1982)
"When Strikes Diablo" McKenzie/Smith
Infinite Wars Fight File: #00018

Here's a flashback to 1980 that somewhat mirrors the last entry we did, prominently showcasing a less than historic occasion in Iron Man's history, where a now obscure villain was shown off.

As a classic foe of the Fantastic Four, I still think of Diablo as a worthy adversary. Having happily skipped past an Ultimate revamp for the character, I really couldn't tell you the last time I was aware of him in any prominance. Which seems like a shame, but perhaps symptomatic of the revolutions of attention in modern comics. Maybe when we're done stuffing about with The Hood, we can get back to some of the classics, and see what Diablo can achieve with some imagination, and contemporary technology. As seen in this issue, he's one of many to seize control of IM's spare armors. Fun!

Marvel versus DC #2 (March 1996)
"The Showdown of the Century!" David/Jurgens
Infinite Wars Fight File: #00019

The race is on as the DC/Marvel contests continue!
Flash/Quicksilver has to have the distinction of being one of the most palatable of outcomes, with disgraces not limited to the final five, which were [for those who don't know] the only fights decided by fan vote.

The C2C is supposed to be an opportunity to cast a light back on previous reviews for newcomers to the site, but this might be one of the rare occasions something's been illuminated for me. Despite being among the many heroes I have a great affection for, we've never really spent much time with the Flash! Mmm, something to be rectified in the future, perhaps?...

Steel #21 (November 1995)
"Stalker" Simonson/Gosier
Infinite Wars Fight File: #00020

And so continues the March theme of bouncing between "the showdown of the century" and those overlooked in the revolutionary crossover. I don't doubt a 1996 fan vote would've left Steel in the cold, but that was right around the height of my enjoyment of the character.

Being a soft target for guest characters, it was a nice change of pace to see Steel clashing with recognisable, and longtime Superman villain - Metallo! Having spent the majority of his series dealing with very nineties original creations and the occasional after school special societal issue, the one thing Steel needed to emerge from Superman's shadow was decent villains. As you might have gathered, it never quite worked out...

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