Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hot Chip - Ready for the Floor (2008)

Not since Batdance has the Joker been so artistically homicidal! Hot Chip return after last week's tenuous feature [Over and Over] careening into the first of our many upcoming Batman-centric features!

With the July 18 release of The Dark Knight looming ominously; next week will mark the first of our features touching upon some of the key soundtrack singles to Batman movies passed!

The 2008 electro-pop single from Made In The Dark is a repetitive lowkey track pulling the line, 'You're my number one guy' from lines memorably spoken by Jack Palance (and Jack Nicholson) in the 1989 Tim Burton feature, Batman.

The pop-art video features frontman Alexis Taylor in his own incarnation of Prince's dualy split Bat/Joker character. Reflecting the character is a morbidly cartoon-like series of challenges and obstacles that see the band put in peril in ways on the Joker (and Hot Chip) could conceive! I like to think it highlights the obscure logics the character applies in his less menacing incarnations.

The isolated tastes of a techno-phobic America is a poor measure of the International success of the track, which feels like the first steps toward Hot Chip becoming legends in the electronica domain!

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