Saturday, October 18, 2008


The Raveonettes - Attack of the Ghost Riders (2002)

In their infinite promotional wisdom, it seems there's a very high probability Sony BMG want you to find this video yourself on YouTube. While I'm sure it's useful for embedded adverts and market research, surely spreading the music across the internet is more fruitful.

While the legalities of music sharing are certainly horrific, that isn't quite the theme of this month's spooktacular entries. This time it's the Raveonettes with a fifties horror-style video reminiscent of scenes from the third Crow film, but more specifically connected to the Ghost Rider!

A couple of weeks ago we featured Suicide's tribute to the character, leading us to wonder: how do Marvel feel about all these references? I'm sure that's a question for another day, perhaps to be asked after we figure out why Nic Cage and the gang couldn't do better. Mreow!

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