Saturday, November 22, 2008


Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (1998)

With their 1998 album, Hello Nasty, the Beastie Boys challenged invaders from Uranus to put their beats on trial. Their style proved sufficient to exile the aliens with undeniable style. Leading their lethal arsenal, Intergalactic!

The award winning accompanying video features loving parody of the kaiju and sentai traditions of Japanese SFX entertainment. While typically a niche interest, who could forget the famous battles between SHIELD and Godzilla, or any other number of crossovers we've seen with American comics and the mysterious East.

I've had both legs dangling in the kaiju pool, taking in classics like Godzilla vs King Kong, while investigating new and exciting ideas. Naturally, if I'm kaiju-goo-goo, then you're doin' it too. Hush hush, eye to eye.

If you like the Beastie Boys and want to check out some new music in that vein, then Pandora might very well be the service for you. If you haven't noticed, Energizer have teamed with the free online radio service, to launch a brand new message board community. The new Advanced Lithium battery has portable devices (and giant-size robots) in mind with it's longer lasting power and lighter build.

International readers might have a special motivation to sign-up, particularly now that Pandora has been forced to restrict access to users outside the US. You might like to sound-off on the boards, and let them know you're disappointed! Fight for your right to party, etc etc.

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