Sunday, August 17, 2008

Okay, so it's a little sad... We were supposed to be smack-dab right in the middle of an Olympic Games right now, but as it is, we're so late, the Paralympics are starting. Still, if you've been staying with us, maybe your Olympic Spirit was dragged out a little further by our recent exercise in the frivilous, the 1st Infinite Wars Olympic Games. To make up for the absence of team sports, here we have a spotlight on the back catalogue of team battles!

Once you're done imagining watching the above slow motion scene put to an instrumental of Berlin's Take My Breath Away; you might like to check out the gold standard catalogue for superhumans and martial artists! Otherwise, just wait around for some real updates.

Thunderbolts #1 (April 1997)
"Justice..." Busiek/Bagley

Though their battle with the Hulk proved less than successful, the world has come to appreciate and accept the super-team called Thunderbolts! Their efforts come in a time when the apparent deaths of the Avengers and Fantastic Four leave a gaping hole in the superhero community, but behind their heroics lies a dark secret!

When the Thunderbolts are called into battle against an out-of-control Wrecking Crew, they've got all the edge they need, intimately familiar with their opponent's moves. Why? Because their leader is not who he seems, and their goals are quite the opposite of saving humanity.

Thunderbolts? You can call them: The Masters of Evil!

New Invaders #1 (October 2004)
"To End All Wars" Jacobsen/Smith

With Atlantis pledged to a sovereign alliance with Mazikhandar; Namor and the Invaders call in the aid of an old friend in the interest of protecting the oil rich nation, and expanding their battle with the villainous Axis Mundi!

The original Human Torch, Jim Hammond, joins the team in an alliance that sees the Invaders become an army thanks to the recruitment of Hammond's V-Battalion; a team comprised of descendants of Second World War veterans!
Hammond and his Battalion soon find they've reached the frontline when their transport is attacked by synthetic agents of the Axis Mundi - the Pterrorists! Will the insectoid swarm prove too poweful for these vintage heroes, or are they the perfect disposable threat for the old guard to work-out the rust of battle? The story starts here!

JSA #65 (November 2004)
"Out of Time" Johns/Kramer

Having rescued the mind and body of Sandy Hawkins, the Justice Society of America welcome their former chairman back to the fold. The one-time sidekick of the Sandman has an opportunity to return to action when Solomon Grundy turns up in Central Park, running amok.

Sand takes control of the fight when the rest of the JSA are struggling, using his modified gas gun and strange powers over sendimentary to withstand the behemoth's muscle bound assault, and send it back in the form of a focused seismic wave.

The battle is but the calm before the storm!
Sand and the Justice Society are unwittingly observed from afar by the time travelling menace called Degaton, whose plans for the JSA's past are far more destructive than even Grundy!

JLA: Classified #3 (March 2005)
"Seconds To Go" Morrison/McGuinness

Having failed to lead a robotic Justice League against Gorrila Grodd and his army of super-apes; Batman finds himself taken hostage by Grodd and the Ultramarine Corps, who are under Grodd's control. Foreseeing the danger, Batman sends The Knight's sidekick, Squire, to seek out the JLA, who are trapped in the infant universe of Qwewq.

The League finally arrive in Congo to join Batman in the battle against the super-intelligent gorilla and his mysterious benefactor, the matured personification of Qwewq, Neh-Buh-Loh!

It's superhero smackdown at it's most deadly as the rest of the League struggle to counteract the lethal forces of the Ultramarine Corps, while Superman does battle with the cosmic powers of Nebula Man!

Green Lantern #24 (December 2007)
"Home Invasion" Johns/Reis

Sinestro and his Corps of fear-wielding yellow lanterns has emerged from hiding in the anti-matter universe of Qward, and their plans prove very different to what is expected.

Leaving Oa to the Green Lanterns; Sinestro leads the Anti-Monitor and his men to Earth, where cosmic imbalances leave an multi-dimensional weakness exposed to attack.

As terrifying as the Anti-Monitor's plans to destroy the matter universe to inheret the remains may be, Hal Jordan has far bigger concerns! Kyle Rayner has fallen to the taint of Parallax, and in Coast City, he's about ready to have a little fun with Hal's brother and his family. Never cross a cop!

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