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Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe hit home consoles November 16 (US) and November 21 (EU) in both regular and kollector's editions for the Xbox360 and PS3!
The kollector's pack includes Alex Ross artwork, a John Tobias comic book, making of DVD, and various other extras that seem well worth the price!

Strange forces have brought about a collision of worlds that tempt the icons of the DC Universe to succumb to dark rages, while their Earthrealm counterparts are provoked by a similar mysterious aura that compells them to unleash the fullest of their lethality on these strange visitors.

The debate rages on as to whether or not the DC heroes had the required levels of violence, gore, and stupid to compete with the Mortal Kombat kast of ninja, assassins and monks.
Ergo, we serve up another round of recent examples of the extent the DC heroes and villains are willing to go in the pursuit of justice. Sometimes it's an accident, sometimes their hand is forced, and other times you've just got to poke a bad guy's eyes out because they're there!

For more on Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe, check out the official website, our Q&A interviews with Jimmy Palmiotti and Hans Lo, and our series of character spotlights and discussions: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, clues special, bonus one, two, three, four and Dark Kahn spotlight! ALSO: C2C editions Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, Finish Him...!, Heroic Brutality

Dark Knight Returns #3 (May 1986)
"Hunt the Dark Knight" Frank Miller

In a grim future where the heroes have been driven away by a cowardly and suspicious society - the Dark Knight returns!

Batman's revolution fuels a dichotomy within the opinions of a modern society torn between the social impacts of a vigilante whose greatest power now seems to be his branding. As a [pop]-cultural phenom, the Batman inspires and protects the weak from a new breed of street tough, the likes of which have overshadowed the once prominent freaks and mobsters.

With Batman comes the awakening of sleeping giants whose eyes delight at a chance to live again. Public opinion supports the Joker's release and so begins the clown prince of crime's last crime wave!

Legends #1 (November 1986)
"Once Upon a Time...!" Ostrander/Wein/Byrne

Known in certain circles as "the big red cheese;" Captain Marvel is a Golden Age icon who's struggled to shake off the innocence associated with his 1940's past.
When the Crisis of Infinite Earths wiped the slate clean for the DC Universe, Captain Marvel was in the thick of things as the heroes were propelled into a modern age. Unfortunately for them, Darkseid was drawing plans anew to destroy the DC heroes, and it begins with a plot to undermine the confidence of the public.

Child-TV host by-day, Billy Batson summons the magic of the Wizard Shazam when trouble shakes the foundations of the TV studio. Outside, the towering menace of the Macro Man threatens all who stand in his path, but unbeknownst to Billy, the real threat is to his credibility as a hero. With the world watching: Captain Marvel kills!

Steel #28 (July 1996)
"The Drowning Room" Tomasi/Robinson

Ever since John Henry Irons was outed as Steel, life's been just that much more hectic.
When Steel starts having nightmares about his family, he decides to move out, but not before real in-house fighting is caught by reporters -- literally leaning into their house!

Cut to "elsewhere," where in an abandoned warehousey type set-up, Plasmus just happens to be watching a TV on a diving board, while he tries to chill in the swimming pool.

Plasmus kidnaps Steel's niece Natasha, and when Steel catches up to the giant melting man, his plan becomes clear. He wants to be saved. From himself.

Infinite Crisis #6 (May 2006)
"Touchdown" Johns/Perez

Betrayed by the Society of Super Villains, Black Adam is soon freed of the shackles that bind him to Alexander Luthor Jr's reality shaping Anti-Monitor tower.

Though too late to prevent the contribution of the Marvel magic, Nightwing and Superboy manage to free Black Adam from the structure. None too pleased with The Society, Adam willingly turns on his allies, beginning with the jestering manipulator of emotions, Psycho-Pirate.

Unable to manipulate Black Adam in a state of focused distain, Psycho-Pirate finds himself grossly outclassed.
"No more silly faces." 'Nuff Said!

Countdown #2 (June 2008)
"Darkseid Equals Death" Dini/McKeever/Giffen/Kolins

When the prophecized death of the New Gods begins; Darkseid begins siphoning the powers of each of the deceased for future use in his attempts to create the Fifth World on Earth. In need of a storage vessel, Darkseid recognises Superman's best pal, Jimmy Olsen, as one of the most protected individuals in the cosmos.

Though the mysterious development of these strange powers gives Jimmy hope of becoming his own type of superhero; the intrepid photo journalist soon discovers the truth about his many fantastic transformations! After being reunited with Superman, Darkseid is able to take control of Olsen's new abilities, forcing him to emit Kryptonite!

The intervention of the Atom gives Jimmy a chance to take control of his powers, but even with the giant-size energy of a New God, he's unable to overcome the dark lord. Just as all hope seems lost for Superman's pal a boom tube ushers the arrival of a New God thought dead - Darkseid's son, Orion! Intent on putting an end to his father's darkness once and for all, can Orion fullfil the prophecy?

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