Monday, December 31, 2007

Egads! It's the end of the year! Nobody panic!
The Infinite Wars has been touring back through the last twenty-five years, using our back catalogue of superhero smackdown, and insightful review, to do so!
As we arrive in the last five years, we get an opportunity to look at some of the most relevant masterpieces in comics today.

Some might argue that today represents one of the most prosperous eras of comics creativity. A greater emphasis on the art of written culture in the medium is only complimented by master visual artists like Alex Maleev, Darwyn Cooke, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and many others.

To gain some perspective, why not check out previous Cover to Cover entries, including our twenty-five countdown's: 1983-1987, 1988-1992, 1993-1997, 1998-2002, but before you do, press the button my friend, and send me into time!

Daredevil #49 (September 2003)
"Hardcore: Part 4" Bendis/Maleev

Events in the life of blind New York City attorney, Matthew Murdock, have been spiralling to an inevitable head, thanks to the machinations of his arch-nemesis, Wilson Fisk!

Forced to confront the threat of some of his deadliest enemies; including a confrontation with the renegade Typhoid Mary; Murdock struggles to hold together his life with new love interest, Milla Donovan.

Having left the blind woman in her bed to take to the streets as Daredevil; Murdock leaves her prone to an underhanded attack by the man who killed the love of his life, but DD has plans of his own in store for Bullseye!

DC: The New Frontier #2 (April 2004)
"Book Two: Strange Adventures" Darwyn Cooke

It was the dawn of a New Frontier for America and the superhero community, and as new powers emerge from the shadow of the Justice Society; so too does new evils.

Captain Cold, possessor of the ice-manipulating pistol, has held a group of socialites hostage at a swanky club: Enter the faster man alive - Barry Allen - who, after receiving a call from his reporter wife, zips across the nation to confront the threat as the scarlet garbed Flash!

It's a frosty reception for the Flash, as the embittered Captain Cold regrets the unlikely emergence of his foe.
Check in here before you see the animated movie to be released in 2008 from Warner Brothers; inspired by the masterpiece written and illustrated by animation/comics legend, Darwyn Cooke!

Captain Atom: Armageddon #1 (December 2005)
"A Scream Across the Sky" Pfeifer/Camuncoli

Having been selected to pilot a rocket into an oncoming Kryptonite asteroid that threatened the mighty Superman; Nathaniel Adam - aka; Captain Atom - disappears in what seems to be a great sacrifice.

Instead, the strange properties of the alien alloy that encases him reacts with the explosion, peeling away as he too peels through layers of reality, to emerge in a new universe!

Destined to become Earth-50: the world of Wildstorm becomes the new home of Captain Atom, at least, until he can stop fighting Mr. Majestic and employ his help to find a way home!

Infinite Crisis #2 (January 2006)
"The Survivors" Johns/Jiminez

For decades Powergirl has been uncertain of her true history. False memories of Atlantean origins and allusions to Krypton have plagued her past, but now the truth will come hurtling at her, faster than a speeding bullet!

Combatting a collective of villains assembled as part of The Society; Powergirl struggles with her opponents through a populated American city, wanted for the secret plans of their veiled leader, Alexendar Luthor.

Lucky for Powergirl, she's about to get a visit from the unlikliest of relatives. Cousin Kal-L has travelled a universe, and he's none too happy about his cousin's predicament!

Captain America #25 (April 2007)
"The Death of the Dream" Brubaker/Epting

It was the shot heard around the world.
The bullet that silenced Captain America and his anti-registration detractors in a single moment, uniting the people in rememberance for their super soldier patriot.

Having been arrested and paraded in public, Steve Rogers threw himself heroically on a sniper bullet fired by Crossbones, leading to the circumstances of his death.

Cap's former sidekick, Bucky, now the international assassin called Winter Soldier is present for the event, and like Cap's allies, is none too happy. The chase is on as Bucky, Falcon and Nick Fury pool their forces for justice!

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