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MONTHLY PUNCH-UP #35 (November 2008)
Y'know, the thought occurs that I'm not nearly self-indulgent enough around here. I mean, sure, I dictate the subjects, features, and law, but there's more to me than opinions and information. Since technically Halloween isn't until the arse end of October, let's kick November off with some still topical internal reference!

Pictured right is a fellow I like to call The Spirit of Chernobyl. The character, one I created, was the subject of a short story featuring the titular hero of the piece, The Semite.

As a giant, hulking monster made of radioactive clay, I figure ol' Cherny kinda works his way into the whole "monster mash" spirit of Halloween, but he does represent a little bit more than that.

Playing to subtexts of a certain archetypal hero; The Semite was conceived as the second leading character to join the Nite Lite Theatre stable.
Those playing along at home will note the grand designs of my early ambitions as an independent comics creator. A couple of years later there have yet to be any additions to this "stable" of characters - one of the harsh lessons for anyone embarking on a career in comicbook storytelling, without artistic drawing talents.

Despite originally being conceived as part of a more traditional superhero universe; The Semite was able to grow apart from The White Ghost (of The Kirby Martin Inquest), providing a more friendly outlet than the potentially mature urban adventure of the Ghost. The Semite, despite a potentially volatile name, was to represent a simple, traditional sense of kid-friendly adventure.

Admittedly, that vision doesn't encompass the entirety of the character's career, which breaks conveniently into decade-based chapters. For The Semite - also known as Erich Weisz - life begins during his childhood amidst World War II.
Though physically gifted by mysterious means, Erich's true powers prove not to be his invulnerability, but his positive outlook on life. Emerging from the dark tortures of a Nazi concentration camp; Erich comes to embody the American Dream as an immigrant, adopted by his father's American war buddy.

The Semite doesn't set out to make any specific commentaries on the world, but rather reflect movements that defined comics throughout the decades.
His origins as a WWII prisoner ground the character's mythology in human history, expanding outward to incorporate both the mundane and fantastic.
Thematic comparisons to Captain America or Hellboy might be made, in that respect, particularly the latter as the character comes to encounter the presence of myth and legend in the world, marrying the disciplines of some of my favourite concepts from childhood.

Though lacking indication by surrounding reference; The Spirit of Chernobyl contains some of the fun little details that denote the period. Most notably, the replacement of The Semite's traditional blue costume for a military sponsored black version -- making clear reference to the popular costume changing of the eighties, the period in which the episode is set.

The eighties is also a period in which The Semite is at his most superheroic.
Throughout his extended life Erich Weisz has the opportunity to live many lives as an adventurer, explorer, soldier, and warrior. In keeping with certain trends of the decade, there is the requisite moment of disillusionment, where The Semite takes leave of his service as a military superhero unsure of the quality of his role. This again echoes a movement that drove comics through the 'feet of clay' period of the eighties, and perhaps makes some comment on the struggles of traditional comics through the many eras.

Like so many war-time Golden Age heroes, The Semite is born from a dark origin, but like those same characters, represents a tradition of wholesome comics.
In moving through the decades and maturing as a person, Erich, whose aging process dramatically slows at twenty-five, is confronted with repeat events that challenge his faith in humanity and all that is good.

The Spirit of Chernobyl represents one of those tragedies.
Erich comes face-to-face with a golem that rose after the disaster, from the surrounding irradiated soil of the Red Forest. Due to his origins, the golem remains highly radioactive and unable to come into contact with any life without killing it. This isolation proves the antithesis of it's existance and drives the creature to march violently across the landscape, filled with a mournful rage.

Erich; whose invulnerable body proves resistant to the radiation; comes to find the golem a representation of humanity's potential for self-destruction. Without the contrivance of insincerity, Erich is able to connect with the creature's plight, and understand what it is, before destroying it.

Whilst polishing the script for "Spirit" I managed to wrangle Franchesco! as a willing penciler, intending the short to be part of a Nite Lite collection.
Ill preparation on my part undermined that, however, and it would be at least a year before Pedro Cruz would be the driving force behind getting the script drawn. While his interpretation exaggerates The Semite's abilities beyond intention, I feel he did myself and the character a great service.

Pedro, who also draws The Kirby Martin Inquest #1, has been a great ally and has endured much of my crap!

You can launch The Spirit of Chernobyl free in your browser via a new window at ("showing"). I'd be very interested to hear your comments!

NA (new) The Home Team
#1 (+2) The Legends
#2 (+4) X-Party
#3 (+5) The Corps
#4 (+7) The Knights of Right
#5 (+8) The X League
#6 (-1) The Ghost Walkers
#7 (-5) The People's Team
#8 (+2) The DC Illuminati
#9 (-5) Makin' it w/Cap'n
#10 (+2) The Revolution
#11 (-10) Divine Judgment
#12 (-3) The Black Death
#13 (-6) The Elite Fleet

Join the list! Draft a team today!
2008 Fantasy League...
Everybody welcome a brand new captain to the winner's circle! Michael and his team of Legends have charged home to obtain victory in yet another punishing month for the lower ranks!

The Halloween theme of October ultimately swung back in favour of the traditionalists, picking up on the X-Men, Justice Society, and Avengers' exploits with the darkside, rather than more obvious candidates.
Though zombies and vampires dominated, Blade and Divine Judgment missed out on a deadly double victory, reminding us the only assurances in the Infinite Wars is that they continued onward!

The seemingly indomitable People's Team slipped to their lowest ranking, suffering from a Marvel-centric Halloween line-up that omitted the DC heirarchy that populates that group. This might be the calm before the storm, however, as we rush toward the end of the year. November will be all about the eagerly anticipated release of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, putting the spotlight right back on Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and the heroes of the DCU!

That looming year end means we'll be making some assessments about the success of the Fantasy League. As much as it was about connecting with the blogosphere and readers through team sponsorship, there is still probably an expectation that the mechanics of the game work. I don't know if that's been successful, but we might throw a poll up some time for you to vote in. Failing that, offer your thoughts in the comments section at the end of this post. In the event of a 2009 Fantasy League we would likely begin with a new draft, giving folks the opportunity to choose with the benefit of hindsight.

Ultimately, the Infinite Wars is not an exclusively formulaic experience. With no method of automating trading, we always knew it would be difficult to spread the winnings.
This month did see the benefit of implementing the shipping list as a method of better reflecting the broad contexts of company outputs. Bonus points based on spotlights helped many teams minimize damage, or boost their monthly total.

November Home Team Draftees:

As with last month; we threw out a ten-character poll to give you the opportunity to influence the benchmark of the home team. Those pictured above inched out Scorpion, Liu Kang, Kano, the Joker, and Shang Tsung for this month's team.

While monthly themes give the Home Team an edge in competition, the rules still apply. Last month's team cashed in to a value of 2588pts, which were used to purchase the top poll winners of this month, who valued at 2148pts.

The Fantasy League isn't an exact science. Points are derived from the daily goings on in the Infinite Wars, and refined through the Super Stock [found further into this post]. While we try to represent key events in the community, weekly comics aren't the focus of our reviews, meaning our superhero fight club resembles something like a stock market, more than a precise sports league.

There are no prizes and no real losers here. The Fantasy League is designed to build a greater sense of community around the combative corners of the Infinite Wars. You should, of course, follow team sponsor links to familiarize yourself with some of the sites in this corner of the blogosphere, because as illustrated by the league -- we're all here for pretty similar reasons.

The Fantasy League can be as involving or stagnant as you like it to be, and every month you get the chance to spend your points on perfecting your team. The sign-up post will keep you informed when it comes to the availability of characters (those already drafted are struck out).

The category restrictions of the draft are now replaced by point values for those already playing. Everyone must have five characters on a team, but you can now sell a character (at half value) to use your points to draft new characters.
This is where it gets a little complicated, because it's just too time consuming to post full lists for the values of characters each month. You can request a character value in the comments section of this post, before trading through e-mail in the same fashion as your original drafting.

Values are based upon the total number of characters in the Super Stock rankings, with character dropping a point in price from top to bottom. Currently we have 601 characters ranked, making that the value of top-ranked character; Spider-man. If Daredevil is ranked #10 that values him at 592, Wonder Woman (#40) is 562, Darkseid (#176) is 426, She-Hulk (#231) is 371, and so on.
Unranked characters are a flat 100 points, making them mixed investments, given no movement return on their first month of entry.

To keep proceedings fluid; all trades should be completed by November 12!
If you're happy with your team, or not keen on over complicating things, just sit on your stocks and let them mature! I think the Fantasy League has been a very fun addition to the site, and hope to see more teams emerging in the coming months. If you're already reading/playing, suggest it to a friend!

Wall Street War Journal: Market Analysis...
Amazing Sales Fig.
#545 124481 (+24.11%)
#546 136109 (+9.34)
#547 108485 (-20.29)
#548 105122 (-3.1%)
#549 101112 (-3.81%)
#550 90874 (-10.12%)
#551 88084 (-3.07%)
#552 89835 (+1.99%)
#553 82648 (-8.00%)
#554 81072 (-1.91%)
#555 86902 (+7.19%)
#556 78458 (-9.72%)
#557 77057 (-1.79%)
#558 76966 (-0.12%)
#559 74206 (-3.59%)
#560 74012 (-0.26%)
#561 72372 (-2.22%)
#562 71409 (-1.33%)
#563 70792 (-0.86%)
#564 68882 (-2.7%)
#565 69182 (+0.44%)
#566 68912 (-0.39%)
#567 68130 (-0.13%)
#568 93395 (+37.08%)
#569 77950 (-16.54%)
September 2008:
#570 82479 (+5.81%)
#571 73682 (-10.67%)
#572 75164 (+2.01%)
Adjustment: (-3.57%)
For ten months now we've been watching sales figures of Marvel's newly three-times weekly Amazing Spider-man, keen to observe the statistical effects of Spidey's faustian pact that extended Aunt May's veritable immortality in exchange for the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary-Jane.
The long threatened brainchild of current Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada, had questionable creative merits from the beginning, but if it worked, Quesada surely would have a place in history for reviving a major icon.

As we've watched the oligatory decline in numbers, our disapproval of Brand New Day and it's many peculiarities has turned somewhat to apathy. We will continue to keep a running tally of the effects of new storylines, but now seems as good a time as any to start looking at other aspects of the market; hence the new section.

More on the web-slinger later, but first, a chance to flip the coin of perspective to face forward.

It was at June's Wizard World Chicago that Dynamite Entertainment made the announcement that, despite the character's tenure with Moonstone Books, they had made an acquisition of American publishing rights for vintage King Features Syndicate icon: The Phantom.

While Dynamite's license would not effect Moonstone's immediate future with the character, their new product would have to wait until 2009. So, what can we expect from the growing publisher, and what does this mean for the Man Who Cannot Die?

Dynamite's reputation within the industry has grown over the the last few years with a wide stable of licensed and license-free characters. The Lone Ranger, Zorro, Red Sonja, Judge Dredd, and most popularly, the heroes of now defunct publisher, Nedor, have all come to populate their catalogue.
The publisher also famously assimilated the Garth Ennis/Darick Robertson superhero parody, The Boys, when DC subsidiary, Wildstorm Comics, became uncomfortable with publishing the controversial series.

Mainstream associations with talents like Ennis, Robertson, and Project Superpowers Nedor revivalists, Alex Ross and Jim Kreuger, have funded top 100 sales for the publisher. Also crucial to mounting a following, a regular publishing schedule keeping major series to a monthly deadline.

Alex Ross; renowned for his comics painting; has been well attached to Dynamite's Phantom revamp, which looks to take the hero out of the jungle to place him in a more contemporary urban setting. While the conceit arguably focuses on a narrow portion of the Lee Falk legacy, it guarantees some of the largest sales figures the character will have ever seen in the American direct market.

It should be acknowledged that Moonstone haven't been without their own industry icons. Mike Bullock, Chuck Dixon, Peter David, Tom Mandrake, and Tom DeFalco, have all been attached to Moonstone's production at various points.
Even so; the publisher has struggled to convert those contributions to sales in the direct market, likely making up a portion of income through book stores and international avenues where the Phantom character remains popular. This diminished market position has arguably led to an indecisive direction as the publisher seemingly struggles to audiences with a modern interpretation, whilst maintaining gestures that endear to the die-hard traditionalists.

Estimated Sales Figs.
The Phantom (Moonstone Books)
[#294] (Nov 07) Phantom #20 [3,055]
[#254] (Feb 08) Phantom #21 [3,670]
[#296] (May 08) Phantom #23 [2,944]

Captain Action (Moonstone Books)
[#186] (Apr 08) Captain Action #0 [8,586]

Project Superpowers (Dynamite Entertainment)
[#4] (Jan 08) Project Superpowers #0 [113,191]
[#29] (Feb 08) Project Superpowers #1 [53,755]
[#248] (Feb 08) Project Superpowers #0 [3,901]
[#267] (Apr 08) Project Superpowers #0 [4,283]
[#51] (Apr 08) Project Superpowers #2 [41,623]
[#59] (May 08) Project Superpowers #3 [36,884]
[#63] (Jun 08) Project Superpowers #4 [33,124]
[#78] (Jul 08) Project Superpowers #5 [30,555]
[#83] (Sep 08) Project Superpowers #6 [29,153]

Red Sonja (Dynamite Entertainment)
[#117] (Nov 07) Red Sonja #27 [19,298]
[#115] (Dec 07) Red Sonja #28 [18,922]
[#115] (Jan 08) Red Sonja #29 [17,689]
[#111] (Feb 08) Red Sonja #30 [17,618]
[#108] (Mar 08) Red Sonja #31 [16,543]
[#120] (Apr 08) Red Sonja #32 [15,864]
[#124] (May 08) Red Sonja #33 [16,114]
[#126] (Jun 08) Red Sonja #34 [15,307]
[#140] (Jul 08) Red Sonja #35 [15,523]
[#136] (Aug 08) Red Sonja #36 [14,834]
[#140] (Sep 08) Red Sonja #37 [14,652]

Lone Ranger (Dynamite Entertainment)
[#123] (Nov 07) Lone Ranger #10 [18,262]
[#117] (Mar 08) Lone Ranger & Tonto #1 [15,692]
[#127] (Apr 08) Lone Ranger #11 (MR) [15,074]
[#148] (Aug 08) Lone Ranger #12 (MR) [12,907]
[#156] (Sep 08) Lone Ranger #13 (MR) [12,896]

Zorro (Dynamite Entertainment)
[#102] (Feb 08) Zorro #1 [19,207]
[#138] (Apr 08) Zorro #2 [13,787]
[#150] (May 08) Zorro #3 [13,130]
[#149] (Jun 08) Zorro #4 [12,357]
[#174] (Jul 08) Zorro #5 [11,317]
[#166] (Aug 08) Zorro #6 [10,949]
[#179] (Sep 08) Zorro #7 [9,952]

Glancing Top 300 monthly sales stats (from the past year) tells a promising tale, at least for the longevity and exposure Dynamite's efforts should offer.
Ross' involvement in directing and designing Project Superpowers sponsored a rare top-five start for a new series from an independent, which should be echoed, albeit to a lesser degree, with the Phantom.
Also significant are the figures of comparable licenses - Lone Ranger and Zorro - which, despite more modest numbers, paint a picture three-times as strong as Moonstone's current output. We will be interested to see how Moonstone's upcoming relaunch affects this position (starting with a new #0).

Numbers like these really only prove so much.
The proof will be in the pudding when Dynamite reveal their version of the character to a critical audience. Phantom fans traditionally adhere to zealous readings of Lee Falk's version of the character, bending very little for change in a formula that's lasted seventy years. How the traditionalists receive this new version will arguably be the acid test, but even they should take some consolation from the value the inevitable new readership will be for the longevity of the character (particularly in America).

Alex Ross is no stranger to tradition in comics. Much of his work for DC and Marvel has shown tremendous respect for the historical value of characters and their stories. Ross has famously been connected to many of the major icons, with a leaning toward the classics that still holds something for modern readers.
Despite the push to resposition the Phantom in a more generic setting, one would expect a respectful interpretation of one of comics' most important characters.

Of Dynamite's Phantom; we would project a strong 70k start. As with any Alex Ross project, the prospect of the 100k region is definitely there, but the modesty of interest in the character might prevent that. I've got to imagine the series also won't enjoy the misunderstanding of Ross' involvement (as writer, not artist) that Project Superpowers probably did.
Subsequent numbers will likely fade as abruptly as the Nedor series did, falling more steeply through the 30k and 20k region, to hover at a more consistent sales rate around the upper/mid teens by the beginning of a second storyarc.
Though still not nearly as impressive as the chart toppers, this would still have the title competing with the lower end of major corporate publishers, whose cancellation cut-off usually hits around 20k.

Moonstone seem to be in a position of sharing the license during this period, but there are still a few question floating. Given Dynamite's market share, one would have to imagine King Features would favour the publisher that's fast establishing itself as a stable contemporary of the indpendent market, should a choice need be made.

It warrants saying that Moonstone have done an admirable job with the character, bringing with them impressive contemporary production values. Cost may have partially priced the series out of the market, but for an independent, they aren't alone. Quality of concept seems to have varied, but noone could rightly call their efforts offensive to the character. Their contribution is an important note in a publication history that saw even DC and Marvel fail to utilize the character.

As always, you can follow those rumors, along with information about Phantom comics from across the globe, at The Chronicle Chamber!

(Spider-Boycott 2008: Sales Watch)
Draw your own conclusions from the statistics at the top of the section.
After so many months, the consistent decline has to be worrying for Marvel, but take note of our month-end adjustment. While the three-times weekly schedule of the book has shown a range of fluctuations, the month-end decline remains minimal. That said; September's New Ways to Die pushed headline villains like Eddie Brock, Norman Osborn, Bullseye, Scorpion, and the Thunderbolts, but returned only brief resistance to the downward push.

Any major revamp should fairly expect a downward swing after initial issues, but of Brand New Day's steady decline, we have to wonder if we aren't finally entering territory that can lay claim to a conceptual failure. Spider-man's struggle with sales has been well documented since the decline of the nineties, and while numbers were low before BND; I wonder if pushing nostalgia without the evisceration of the Spider-Marriage might not have produced sweeter fruit.

For die-hards the sting of the long forgotten Parker child is surely still there, but now that I think about it, I'm not sure I've encountered a Spidey-die-hard in a very, very long time. Perhaps that loss has already been long conceded.

The 2008 Top Five...
Season 2008 has garnered a wide array of potential candidates for year's winners. While feature film heavyweights like Batman, Iron Man, and Hulk, have all laid their claim to top spots, there still aren't any clear favourites to round out the list... until now.

Anticipating the release of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe has been a regular pastime here on the Infinite Wars.
The game ships to all good US retailers November 16 and that means the Infinite Wars will be cramming November full of as much MK/DC madness as is humanly possible! This all but guarantees the admission of at least one MK hero (or villain) into the year end top five, with a special feature kicking the month's action off sometime following this Punch-Up.

ARTWORK: Ed McGuinness#1 Batman (-) (32) (DC)
Class: [Meta] Last Opponent: [Joker]
Win Percentage: [68.57%] Features: [35]
2006: [#1] 2007: [#2] Cumulative: [#2]

A hefty lead that reflects the worldwide phenomenon of The Dark Knight affords Batman a couple of carefree months off, but as battle with Mortal Kombat commences, the war on crime begins anew!

It's interesting to observe how finite the impact of The Dark Knight has been. While it's impossible to deny the continued interest in the character, I was surprised to find myself stumbling across far fewer clown faces this Halloween than I did in June, July, and August. It almost seems as though the film has run the gamut, returning to the fan-driven obscurity properties like Batman and Joker previously inhabited. The awareness of the character was always there, but will a third feature sponsor the zeitgeist the way Heath Ledger's Joker did?

Still on the horizon is the delayed movie tie-in game, expected to boast a grade of quality rarely seen in such a product. Delays, driven by a desire for excellence, might have missed the hysteria, but will almost certainly be better for it. Then there's the thought that the increasing relevance of home consoles might whip up that stir all over again -- particularly if mainstream news outlets find the presence of a post-Ledger Joker warranting.

Video games push Batman further still, with MKvsDC the next major subject on the site, and then the exciting Arkham Asylum game being previewed. Suffice to say, there's still plenty of ammunition for Batman to hold the fort in Season 2008, even if he should find himself retired after Grant Morrison's Batman RIP.

ARTWORK: Adi Granov#2 Iron Man (+1) (14) (Marvel)
Class: [Meta] Last Opponent: [Zombies]
Win Percentage: [64%] Features: [25]
2006: [#3] 2007: [#11] Cumulative: [#3]

Iron Man undoubtedly took no less than second-place in the major movie stakes. Robert Downey's performance remains a favourite with fans, and anticipation now looks forward to a confirmed 2010 sequel, and the 2011 construction of an ensemble Avengers film.
That's how Stan did it; that's how America does it; and Marvel looks sure to find out it works out pretty well from there!

Details of the Iron Man sequel remain sketchy, but we do know Don Cheadle will step in to the War Machine crosshairs, replacing a departing Terrence Howard.
As underwhelmed as I personally was by Howard's casting and performance, it strikes me as disappointing that he couldn't have seen it through to it's action-packed conclusion. That's not to say the onus is on the actor, who has expressed some negativity concerning the project, as much as rumors point to difficulties that saw him leave.

Early indications suggest some interpretation of The Mandarin may feature in the sequel which was co-plotted by Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr, with Justin Theroux providing a script. SHIELD and Nick Fury seem set to become a more integral part of the sequel, while "The Mandarin" is said to facilitate a pantheon of villains. Perhaps an adaptation working from the Ten Rings concept of the first film? One certainty does seem to be the dissolving of a Iron Man vs Hulk picture, which may or may not owe it's demise to the Avengers, which could include Edward Norton as a heroic (or villainous) influence.

Thor and Captain America will also find their way to cinemas before Avengers in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

ARTWORK: John Romita Jr#3 Hulk (+2) (11) (Marvel)
Class: [Meta] Last Opponent: [Zombies]
Win Percentage: [57.69%] Features: [26]
2006: [#6] 2007: [#10] Cumulative: [#4]

Shifts in the top five position the year's film stars at the top of the deck, as if destiny were shaping their fates. Zombie counterparts push Hulk and Iron Man, but will it last another two months?

The identity of the Red Hulk ("Rulk") remains obscured, despite promises Jeph Loeb's final issue would clarify. Perhaps Rulk is the extent of the confirmation, but either way, the lagging fulfilment of this new series seems to be thoroughly sucking the life out of the brand which peaked with World War Hulk.

In 2009 the green goliath will find his way to home video, clashing with titular opponents in the animated double feature: Hulk Vs. The shorts will throw Hulk into classic sparring sessions with Wolverine and Thor; with Loki and Deadpool offering up more Marvels for fans. This will inadvertently coincide with Hulk's arrival in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance sequel, having been freed from contractual obligation to alternate companies.

ARTWORK: Jim Lee#4 Superman (-2) (10) (DC)
Class: [Meta] Last Opponent: [Flash]
Win Percentage: [56%] Features: [25]
2006: [#7] 2007: [#13] Cumulative: [#5]

Superman will have to battle more than the magic of the Mortal Kombat realms if he's to strike back at the film stars of 2008!

Justifying Superman's position at the top of the superhero ranks seems like an assinine task. DC's big blue remains central to major events in the DCU and in Superman books, despite hovering just beneath the spotlight. Developments like the cancellation of Bat-books has a far more impactful foreboding, but Superman's consistency is clearly one of strength.

MKvsDC is the big cross media push for the character, which will surely be reflected by November on the Infinite Wars, but the character's comics exploits are worthy of mention. James Robinson and Geoff Johns are hitting their strides as the writing team behind the Superman/Action Comics reneissance, while spin-off titles like Grant Morrison's Legion of Three Worlds continues to do good things for the character's reduced role in the core Final Crisis event.

ARTWORK: John Cassaday#5 Phantom (-1) (5) (King Features Syndicate)
Class: [Meta] Last Opponent: [Jungle Thieves]
Win Percentage: [100%] Features: [4]
2006: [NR] 2007: [NR] Cumulative: [#23]

While the American market might be confounded by Moonstone's Phantom [see; above] the character continues to enjoy a strong readership across the globe!

The Ghost Who Walks is the name of the rumored Phantom film that may or may not come to fruition. Long rumored, the title offers hope to fans, but confirms little about a character whose following in the United States remains diminished.

Dynamite Entertainment are sure to be an interesting aspect to watch, while other action, such as a new line of poseable figures, expand the line of memorabilia. For the Infinite Wars, the character will likely rop out of contention after November, but it's been an enjoyable experience to bring one of my childhood icons to the site. I hope it's been equally enlightening for readers.

Cumulative Super Stock...

Wildcat puts in an effort worthy
of a champion, catapulting up the list
after joining the JSA against Morgauth!
[JSA Strange Adventures #1]
1. Spider-man (+1) (M)
2. Batman (-1) (DC)
3. Iron Man (-) (M)
4. Hulk (-) (M)
5. Superman (-) (DC)
6. Wolverine (-) (M)
7. Captain America (-) (M)
8. Mr. Fantastic (-) (M)
9. Thing (+2) (M)
10. Invisible Woman (-1) (M)
13. Black Adam (-) (DC)
14. Luke Cage (+4) (M)
16. Ryu (-) (C)
17. Venom (-3) (M)
18. Flash (-1) (DC)
19. Catwoman (-) (DC)
22. Green Lantern (-) (DC)
23. Phantom (-) (KFS)
24. Green Arrow (-) (DC)
27. Storm (-) (M)
29. Goro (-) (Mid)
30. Hawkman (+1) (DC)
32. Sonya Blade (-) (Mid)
35. Nightwing (-) (DC)
36. Tara (+20) (M)
39. Union Jack (+20) (M)
40. Spitfire (+20) (M)
41. Dhalsim (-3) (C)
42. Ken Masters (-3) (C)
46. Wonder Woman (-3) (DC)
48. Hank Pym (+23) (M)
49. Dr. Doom (-4) (M)
50. Wasp (-4) (M)
51. Kitty Pryde (+2) (M)
52. Robin (-5) (DC)
54. Morbius (+3) (M)
60. Human Torch (+35) (M)
81. Cyclops (-) (M)
86. Raiden (-1) (Mid)
88. Deathstroke (-1) (DC)
89. Black Canary (-1) (DC)
100. She-Thing (-) (M)
101. Powergirl (-) (DC)
103. Dr. Fate (+13) (DC)
104. Sandman (+50) (DC)
105. Wildcat (+62) (DC)
106. Dr. Occult (+17) (DC)
109. Mighty Destroyer (new) (M)
118. Akuma (-5) (C)
124. Mimic (new) (M)
125. Magik (new) (M)
126. Nocturne (new) (M)
127. Thunderbolt (new) (DC)
129. Deadman (-8) (DC)
150. Maul (-7) (DC:W)
163. Superboy-Prime (-6) (DC)
167. Hellboy (-6) (DH)
169. Jin Kazama (-6) (N)
185. Mariko Yashida (new) (M)
186. Vindicator (new) (M)
187. Morph (new) (M)
188. Johnny Thunder (new) (DC)
189. Colossus (-4) (M)
190. Chun-Li (-9) (C)
191. Darkseid (-9) (DC)
200. Skrull-Elektra (-8) (M)
202. Sinestro (-8) (DC)
210. Machine Man (-8) (M)
223. Lex Luthor (-8) (DC)
231. Anti-Venom (-51) (M)
232. Captain Marvel (-9) (DC)
238. Punisher (-8) (M)
246. She-Hulk (-8) (M)
247. Super-Skrull (-18) (M)
248. Scorpion (-9) (Mid)
250. Tombstone (-9) (M)
251. Kano (-9) (Mid)
252. Joker (-9) (DC)

A parallel universe Falcon (Earth-3931) bites off
more than he can chew and takes a dive battling
Heather Hudson of Earth-3470, and the Exiles!
[Exiles #31]
255. Nightcrawler (+2) (M)
256. Liu Kang (-10) (Mid)
266. Lilith (new) (M)
267. Werewolf by Night (new) (M)
269. Flash (-7) (DC)
276. Green Lantern (+36) (DC)
300. Gladiator (-13) (M)
334. Starman (new) (DC)
336. Atom (new) (DC)
337. Dr. Mid-Nite (new) (DC)
338. Mr. Terrific (new) (DC)
339. Hourman (new) (DC)
342. Dracula (new) (M)
347. Dr. Octopus (-42) (M)
350. Xorn (-17) (M)
400. Kraven (-17) (M)
450. Majestros (-18) (DC:W)
500. Bruce Irvin (-18) (N)
501. Jack Staff (-18) (DEP)
550. Jarella (-18) (M)
569. Polaris (new) (M)
570. Baroness Blood (new) (M)
574. Juggernaut (-249) (M)
576. Falcon (-250) (M)
578. Red Skull (-246) (M)
592. Mole Man (-35) (M)
593. Rhino (-39) (M)
597. Green Goblin (-41) (M)
598. Quicksilver (-22) (M)
599. Magneto (-22) (M)
600. Dan Hibiki (-22) (C)
601. Lizard (-28) (M)

The Hammer...
That's a wrap, people!
We're running customarily late, and were running a fever during the month, but I like to think it's worth it! Having jam packed October full of spooktacular events, it'll be a vague change of pace to now fully immerse the Infinite Wars in the struggles of Earthrealm and Outworld!

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe can be found via Amazon and if you haven't ordered a copy yet, you can find it in the sidebar of the Infinite Wars (for PS3), or in any of the various recent MK features [ie; Dark Kahn Cometh!]

Your support truly is a valuable part of continuing and expanding the Infinite Wars. If some of you are only just discovering my alter-ego as a comics writer, I would more strongly urge you than is tradition, to click over to the official website to grab yourself a copy.

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That about does it! Stay tuned for a special first for the site and all the action that will lead to our year-end annual crowning of an Infinite Wars champion!


Ciao for now!

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