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MONTHLY PUNCH-UP #36 (December 2008)
Happy holidays, folks!
Another (belated) December on the Infinite Wars means another anniversary! The Comic Book Fight Club began way back in 2005 and has been kicking, punching, and energy blasting with varying regularity ever since!

The year end means a few traditions return for the site in December! If you've been reading belated content on the site then hopefully you've been among the small handful of people voting in our daily Fantasy Fight polls! This year we're deriving nineteen thematic pairings from 2008 and handing the decision over to you - the reader! Expect a full run down in posts dated late December!

Be sure also to keep an eye on our timewarp through the last twenty-five years of comics through bonus C2C, a few reviews from 2008, and of course, all the countdown to the top five characters of the year! More on happenings in the SuperStock later in the post, but first, like last year, we warm up for the December DC vs Marvel Fantasy Fights with a few top ranking fights!

The usual Marvel suspects stick around, but as you'll see from the top rated DC heroes, there's been a noted shift in the last year. In my assessment, this reflects a much better rounded year in our Friday fights and maybe even reflects on the strength of DC's year as a publisher.

Strength: Spider-man 5 (Superhuman)
Intelligence: Batman 5 (Professor)
Speed: Spider-man 4 (Olympian)
Stamina: Draw 5 (Marathon)
Agility: Spider-man 5 (Cat-like)
Fighting Ability: Batman 5 (Martial Artist)
Energy Power: Batman 4 (Arsenal)

Math: Draw 2008 Ranking: Batman (#1)

It's hardly surprising that two of the biggest icons in comics are back in the top fight for a second year. You might make topical arguments about the status of the characters, like Batman's recent post-RIP disappearance, but I see no reason to change the decision on the strength of their fighting abilities.
Grant Morrison may have gone lengths to structure history to suggest more frailty in the Batman, but as a standard of character, he remains the consumate strategist with all the necessary attributes to execute his perfect plans.

As far as this site is concerned, Spider-man had an absolutely shite year in comics, but that cannot take away from the validity of the character. Last year we focused in on the big factors of foresight vs spidey-senses, and as great as Spider-man is in a battle, rah-rah...

Our Pick:

Strength: Superman 6 (Invincible)
Intelligence: Iron Man 5 (Professor)
Speed: Superman 6 (Mach-Speeds)
Stamina: Draw 6 (Generator)
Agility: Superman 3 (Acrobat)
Fighting Ability: Iron Man 4 (Trained)
Energy Power: Iron Man 5 (Lasers)

Math: Superman 2008 Ranking: Superman (#2)

With the advent of the Iron Man film and his central role in the post-Civil War Marvel Universe, there's a perfectly legitimate argument that says Iron Man is probably the secondor third biggest cultural icon at Marvel comics, right now. No mean feat for a character who, a decade or two earlier, might've been considered somewhere a bit lower on the tier system.

Of the Iron Man, I don't doubt his technological capability to contain or bludgeon Superman. Over the past few years we've seen characters popping up that well and truly debunk the popular misconception that DC somehow lords their super human abilities over their Marvel counterparts.

Day-to-day interpretations tend not to do Superman the service he deserves, often in direct response to the afforementioned misconception. We've seen the effect of magic on the Man of Steel become increasingly referred to as a "weakness," while his strengths continue to be diminished.

Call me a purist, but when it comes to bending ferrous metals, I'm pretty comfortable in tipping the hat to Superman. Granted, it's been several decades since it was technologically plausible for Iron Man to literally be a man of iron, but even after the Extremis process, he's a man in a shell. A shell I think Superman could probably peel, after the expected exchange of blows.

Our Pick: Superman

Strength: Draw 6 (Invincible)
Intelligence: Black Adam 4 (Tactician)
Speed: Black Adam 5 (Superhuman)
Stamina: Draw 6 (Generator)
Agility: Black Adam 3 (Acrobat)
Fighting Ability: Black Adam 7 (Born Fighter)
Energy Power: Black Adam 3 (Explosives)

Math: Black Adam 2008 Ranking: Hulk (#5)

Based on the 52 World War III spin-off, and World War Hulk, this was actually one of our 2007 Fantasy Fights. Then, we chose Hulk as the victor, but it might be time to have a rethink.

Since concluding his war on the Illuminati, ol' green genes has reverted back to his ever loving rampaging-self. In fact, some might say since the emergence of Red Hulk, Hulk has been dumber than ever! Yuk yuk.
Hulk's strategic magnificence was a big part of our decision last year, and let's face it -- Black Adam is one bad ass MFer! The strength/anger ratio applies to both and starts substantially higher with the Shazam powered anti-hero.

Our Pick: Black Adam

Strength: Draw 3 (Athlete)
Intelligence: Wolverine 4 (Tactician)
Speed: Flash 7 (Lightspeed)
Stamina: Wolverine 6 (Unstoppable)
Agility: Draw 3 (Acrobat)
Fighting Ability: Wolverine 6 (Warrior)
Energy Power: Flash 1 (None)

Math: Draw 2008 Ranking: Flash (#13)

This strikes me as a wonderful encapsulation of the different classes that co-exist in the Infinite Wars ranking system. Wolverine represents the great street scrappers of the superhero sluggers, while Flash stands for a superhuman level of competition. In 2009 we may very well have to reevaluate the value of Flash's energy rating, because the forces produced by the Speed Force make him one of the most powerful potentials in the DC Universe.

In a hand-to-hand showdown Wolverine takes it easy, but we don't ask fighters to turn their powers off. Wolverine's healing factor might mean he'll win the war, but the many battles before that conclusion inevitably go to the Flash, who, theoretically, could decimate entire forces in the blink of an eye.

Our Pick: Flash

Strength: Wonder Woman 6 (Invincible)
Intelligence: Draw 4 (Tactician)
Speed: Captain America 4 (Olympian)
Stamina: Wonder Woman 5 (Marathon)
Agility: Captain America 4 (Gymnast)
Fighting Ability: Draw 6 (Warrior)
Energy Power: Captain America 2 (Projectile)

Math: Wonder Woman 2008 Ranking: Wonder Woman (#11)

Right now we don't really know what happened to Batman, but Captain America's fate is currently set in stone: he's dead! Sure, as we roll toward the 2010 film, I don't doubt the likelihood of a Steve Rogers revival, but for the time being, we go with what we know. (Not that any of this matters!)

It's interesting that two World War II patriotic icons - clad in the American flag - would come to face one and other. Both are expert hand-to-hand combatants, but when push comes to shove, I think Wonder Woman's superhuman strength gives her a decided advantage against her super-soldier counterpart. Likewise, abilities like flight give Wonder Woman a world of maneuverability unattainable by the Captain, even when he's alive.

Our Pick: Wonder Woman

NA (-) The Home Team
#1 (-) The Legends
#2 (+3) The X League
#3 (+4) The People's Team
#4 (-1) The Corps
#5 (+4) Makin' it w/Cap'n
#6 (+6) The Black Death
#7 (+4) Divine Judgment
#8 (-2) The Ghost Walkers
#9 (-7) X-Party
#10 (-6) The Knights of Right
#11 (-3) The DC Illuminati
#12 (-2) The Revolution
#13 (-) The Elite Fleet

Join the list! Draft a team today!
2008 Fantasy League...
Apparently they liked winning, because Michael's team of Legends have come back for another taste of the winners circle -- but he won't be dining alone! Total points bump the Legends up to the top, but technically, The X League will be Michael's guests this evening!

A flood of new characters made their way to the SuperStock in November, many of them from the month's thematic Mortal Kombat franchise spotlight! You can get the whole scoop on debuts and value changes later in the Punch-Up!

The influx of new characters placed massive pressure on the lower ranks, creating an economy to rival the world financial crisis! We saw some of the biggest losses in recent months on the site which was bad news for many teams! Even those toting DC numbers weren't safe from the push as debuts crushed bonus points!

We welcome a new team for the last month of competition! The Blackfish are: Thor, Warlock, Green Goblin, Emma Frost, and Penance!

Our humble assessment is that the Infinite Wars Fantasy League was a nice idea, but impractical in the current model of the site. Next year we will likely continue the League, but rather than crushing the dreams of young hopefuls who quite reasonably picked Super-Skrull or Magneto for their teams, we'll go the fictional route!

Teams will be divised in an effort to reflect their counterparts in print! The five-man team format will allow members to be shuffled accordingly, with trades applicable in the same fashion they always have been, albeit, without awkward interaction with cheated and slightly confused players.

A preview for the 2009 Fantasy League, the Dark Illuminati: Norman Osborn, Dr. Doom, Sub-Mariner, The Hood, and Loki! Emma Frost, a prominent member of the team, will remain stationed with the Astonishing X-Men until further notice!

December's 2008 All-Stars Fantasy League Home Team:

For the final month of competition the Home Team's going mix-tape!
Rather than try to adhere to some sort of theme, we've drafted a selection of characters who've held some signifance during 2008! Admittedly, She-Hulk's entry into the Lady Liberator's isn't as prominent as the others, but screw you! We're throwing in with the Shulkster in her time of cancellation!

You might have noticed the Home Team's exorbitant income in an otherwise crappy month. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the ideal result of playing the game. By cashing in stocks (characters) and buying others tailored to that month's theme, the potential for large profit inevitably unfolds.
Without automation it was always an impractical feature, but lest we forget, the idea was to try to sponsor some sense of community on the site, as much as play a silly little number game, as explained each month:

The Fantasy League isn't an exact science. Points are derived from the daily goings on in the Infinite Wars, and refined through the Super Stock [found further into this post]. While we try to represent key events in the community, weekly comics aren't the focus of our reviews, meaning our superhero fight club resembles something like a stock market, more than a precise sports league.

There are no prizes and no real losers here. The Fantasy League is designed to build a greater sense of community around the combative corners of the Infinite Wars. You should, of course, follow team sponsor links to familiarize yourself with some of the sites in this corner of the blogosphere, because as illustrated by the league -- we're all here for pretty similar reasons.

The interactive Fantasy League will not continue next year, so there is no need to include trade information. The winners will be revealed in the next punch-up with the various characters being cashed in to create a final tally! Those who invested in lower characters who thrived throughout the year will look to close the gap with those who dominated the competition with higher ranked heroes. Groovy!

Wall Street War Journal: Market Analysis...
Amazing Sales Fig.
#545 124481 (+24.11%)
#546 136109 (+9.34)
#547 108485 (-20.29)
#548 105122 (-3.1%)
#549 101112 (-3.81%)
#550 90874 (-10.12%)
#551 88084 (-3.07%)
#552 89835 (+1.99%)
#553 82648 (-8.00%)
#554 81072 (-1.91%)
#555 86902 (+7.19%)
#556 78458 (-9.72%)
#557 77057 (-1.79%)
#558 76966 (-0.12%)
#559 74206 (-3.59%)
#560 74012 (-0.26%)
#561 72372 (-2.22%)
#562 71409 (-1.33%)
#563 70792 (-0.86%)
#564 68882 (-2.7%)
#565 69182 (+0.44%)
#566 68912 (-0.39%)
#567 68130 (-0.13%)
#568 93395 (+37.08%)
#569 77950 (-16.54%)
#570 82479 (+5.81%)
#571 73682 (-10.67%)
#572 75164 (+2.01%)
October 2008:
#573 82550 (+9.83%)
#574 69069 (-16.33%)
#575 68913 (-0.23%)
Adjustment: (-8.32%)
For eleven months we've been watching sales figures for Marvel's three-times weekly Amazing Spider-man, keen to observe the statistical effects of Spidey's faustian pact (which extended Aunt May's veritable immortality, for the existence of Peter Parker's marriage to Mary-Jane.)
The long threatened brainchild of current Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada, had questionable creative merits from the beginning, but if it worked, Quesada would surely own a place in history for reviving Marvel's poster icon.

The running tally continues stage-left, but rather than dwell on the single negative topic, we take this opportunity to look at other subjects. This month: the cancellation heard around the world -- She-Hulk!

Those coming in late might be shocked to learn the fan-favourite title will see it's last issue (in this incarnation) in February. The series enjoyed great critical success in it's first volume under Dan Slott, Juan Bobillo, and Paul Pelletier, but gained greater sales after a second volume launched with a break from the first. So, over the last twelve months, how have the numbers broken down?

She-Hulk (Marvel Comics)
[#97] (Jan 08) She-Hulk 2 #25 [23,283]
[#95] (Feb 08) She-Hulk 2 #26 [22,181]
[#92] (Mar 08) She-Hulk 2 #27 [21,421]
[#101] (Apr 08) She-Hulk 2 #28 [20,843]
[#112] (May 08) She-Hulk 2 #29 [20,678]
[#103] (Jun 08) She-Hulk 2 #30 [21,016]
[#61] (Jul 08) She-Hulk 2 #31 (SI) [36,053]
[#293] (Sep 08) She-Hulk 2 #31 (SI) [3,026]
[#62] (Aug 08) She-Hulk 2 #32 (SI) [38,069]
[#70] (Sep 08) She-Hulk 2 #33 (SI) [32,862]
[#122] (Oct 08) She-Hulk 2 #34 [22,763]

Notorious for having an uncompromising cancellation limit on their titles, any title dwindling in the twenty thousands is dangerously close to cancellation. This flies in the face of any readers claiming the book has been bouyant, even though a brief boost was seen from Secret Invasion tie-in issues. However, let us look closer, particularly at the claims that the book has outsold contemporary rivals.

Wonder Woman (DC Comics)
[#48] (Jan 08) Wonder Woman #16 [42,897]
[#42] (Feb 08) Wonder Woman #17 [41,948]
[#44] (Mar 08) Wonder Woman #18 [40,771]
[#52] (Apr 08) Wonder Woman #19 [39,489]
[#55] (May 08) Wonder Woman #20 [38,116]
[#57] (Jun 08) Wonder Woman #21 [37,086]
[#60] (Jul 08) Wonder Woman #22 [36,514]
[#65] (Aug 08) Wonder Woman #23 [35,562]
[#64] (Sep 08) Wonder Woman #24 [34,583]
[#76] (Oct 08) Wonder Woman #25 [33,583]
Ms. Marvel (Marvel Comics)
[#92] (Jan 08) Ms. Marvel #23 [24,260]
[#85] (Feb 08) Ms. Marvel #24 [24,139]
[#43] (Mar 08) Ms. Marvel #25 [40,993]
[#50] (Apr 08) Ms. Marvel #26 [42,277]
[#52] (May 08) Ms. Marvel #27 [41,131]
[#230] (May 08) Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel [5,857]
[#51] (Jun 08) Ms. Marvel #28 [42,194]
[#53] (Jul 08) Ms. Marvel #29 [41,231]
[#58] (Sep 08) Ms. Marvel #30 [40,041]
[#72] (Sep 08) Ms. Marvel #31 [32,145]
[#95] (Sep 08) Ms. Marvel Annual #1 [25,628]
[#107] (Oct 08) Ms. Marvel #32 [25,892]

It's fair to say She-Hulk's nearest contemporary rivals; Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel; have had their fair share of struggles, but even comparable issues, such as Ms. Marvel Secret Invasion tie-ins, have seen far better sales than. The numbers are pretty clear on the issue -- She-Hulk is struggling to maintain figures. The writing has arguably been on the wall, even from a perspective of maintaining the female demographic (which becomes the domain of Ms. Marvel).

I'm as disappointed in the She-Hulk cancellation as anyone else, but as you would've seen in our review of issue #30, the second volume has felt like a thorough grind. Peter David's output has been competent, but completely devoid of the charm and whimsy that made the title a must-read in 2004.

Aside from the obvious, we haven't really had any elaboration on the reasons behind the cancellation. Given the leniency to She-Hulk in the past, one wonders if new plans for the character might not be fixed to fill the void in 2009. The Lady Liberators have been a curiosity noted on the site multiple times and might yet be fodder for mini-series, or a new on-going, sometime in the new year. A vehicle such as that not only isolates the female demographic, but also provides cross-promotion potential for books like Models Inc and the new female Black Panther.

(Spider-Boycott 2008: Sales Watch)
Amazing continues to be a pretty straight forward scenario.
It wouldn't take a brilliant analysis to observe the massive drop-off after New Ways to Die; the story that reintroduced Eddie Brock as the radically revamped Anti-Venom, and also pitted he and Spider-man against the Thunderbolts -- government sponsored Initiative team featuring classic Spidey sparring partners, Scorpion, Bullseye, and their team leader, Norman Osborn.

Shocker marks a continued return to classic Spider-man, but failed to garner the interest of the always popular symbiote villain(s), and Green Goblin. A month later, the numbers drop-off continues to follow the same dramatic arc.
One would expect Dark Reign promotion to boost sales sometime in the future, but as we enjoy the continued presence of classic Spidery villains, the thought remains that all of this could've been achieved without a haphazard revamp to the Spider-man mythology. We'll likely end our Spider-Boycott heading in to the next year, but don't expect a sudden influx of Amazing features. That's unlikely.

The 2008 Top Five...
Season 2008 continued through November to be all about diversity of characters. Sure, much of that diversity was a parade of Mortal Kombat characters, but as we head toward the end of our third year, we now have over 650 characters ranked on the site. Not too shabby!

As we play a drastic case of catch-up we'll be trying to throw in mentions for the Punisher (re: War Zone, the new film), as well as issues we never got around to talking about with a 2008 publication date. All of these will help decide the year-end stakes that make this section of the site so interesting each year. The Dark Knight has guaranteed it will end in a double victory for Batman, who has now all but secured the top spot of 2008 and the year-end cumulative top spot, also.
The diverse spread has meant the top ten, however, remains highly contested...

ARTWORK: Ed McGuinness#1 Batman (-) (33) (DC)
Class: [Meta] Last Opponent: [Darkseid]
Win Percentage: [70.27%] Features: [37]
2006: [#1] 2007: [#2] Cumulative: [#1]

In 2007 we expected a quiet year from our first Infinite Wars champion, but second place wasn't what we had in mind. The cultural phenom of The Dark Knight has been punctuated with a post-humous Golden Globe nomination for Heath Ledger's Joker. We now entertain the prospect of a major Academy Award nomination from a superhero adaptation - a feat rarely secured by films of the action/adventure genre, let alone superheroes.

It's undeniably been a Batman year and I've thoroughly enjoyed featuring the character throughout. Batman remains a truly diverse creation handled in a wide variety of ways by the custodians of the legend. Grant Morrison's RIP evaluated the dark knight detective in ways we aren't used to and has left the character in a limbo state concerning his mortality. Final Crisis holds the answers that will probably be revealed early in 2009 (due to delays), but the impact has already been made. Will Batman die? I have my doubts, but finding out should be fun!

As already mentioned, Batman has secured the top spot for 2008, as well as the year-end cumulative ranking, having finally taken it back from his boycotted rival, Spider-man. One would expect, given his absence from upcoming DC storylines, Batman will have another quiet year in 2009, but on the Infinite Wars, that might just mean we watch him battle for a top five spot all over again!

ARTWORK: Jim Lee#2 Superman (+2) (11) (DC)
Class: [Cosmic] Last Opponent: [Darkseid]
Win Percentage: [59.26%] Features: [27]
2006: [#7] 2007: [#13] Cumulative: [#4]

Heading in to 2008 we knew certain characters, particularly those hitting the big screen, would be characters to watch, so it's with little contrivance that Superman lands in the top five in the home stretch!

Geoff Johns and James Robinson continue their Superman reneissance, with the radical shift of 2008 actually being Superman's departure from Earth! New Krypton introduced the citizens of the bottled city of Kandor into the DCU, unleashing a wave of Kryptonian powers into a world they could embrace, or destroy. How all this ties in to the departure, I do not know, but it's sure to be as interesting a year for Superman as it is the other icons shaken by Final Crisis.

The Man of Steel's surprise turn in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe has been a major sponsor for his success on the Infinite Wars in 2008, but as one of the biggest superhero pop culture brands in the world, it seems fitting that he finally work his way toward the top. The fight for second spot remains hotly contested, however, and he's got some heavy-hitting competition vying for the rank!

ARTWORK: Midway#3 Shang Tsung (new) (Midway)
Class: [Meta] Last Opponent: [Earthrealm Warriors]
Win Percentage: [62.5%] Features: [8]
2006: [NR] 2007: [NR] Cumulative: [#18]

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe was a great chance to bring a crossover brand to the site, but one might assess the success of Shang Tsung on the top five as misproportionate to the game itself.

As a fan of the MK franchise since the release of the first game, it's been a pleasure to discuss and share details about the franchise that might be lost beneath it's reputation for being dated and silly. Like Street Fighter in '07, MK took on a life of it's own, being a rare opportunity to make anything resembling a complete catalogue of a character's battle history.

We didn't get that complete, but Shang Tsung's prevelance in the MK mythology makes for a monumentous debut in the Infinite Wars rankings! Succeeding Goro, who featured earlier in the year, it's fitting to at least see a playable character from the recent MKvsDC make it to the list. The big question now will be if the comics contemporaries will be able to rise to the challenge before the end of the year, to reclaim a bit of honor on the Comic Book Fight Club!

ARTWORK: Adi Granov#4 Iron Man (-2) (15) (Marvel)
Class: [Meta] Last Opponent: [Zombies]
Win Percentage: [64%] Features: [25]
2006: [#3] 2007: [#11] Cumulative: [#3]

Destined for the top five heading in to 2008; Iron Man richochets off of major status in the comics, as well as a host of multimedia crossover properties that made the character a household name!

Robert Downey Jr's turn as the playboy superhero earned a surprising reception despite what could fairly be described as a stock-standard superhero film. The actor's ability to infuse the character with all the necessary charm and vigor has made Iron Man one of the strongest properties Marvel currently has, launching both an animated DTV feature, and an animated series, in 2008.

The heirarchy of film success places Iron Man second to Batman, but with one month to go, we can't guarantee that placement! Even less certain is the future of 2009 as Dark Reign hands the keys to the Marvel Universe over to Norman Osborn, an industrialist who poses a dark shadow to Iron Man's previous Director of SHIELD. No longer the lynchpin, this might be the year to make his move!

ARTWORK: John Romita Jr#5 Hulk (-2) (12) (Marvel)
Class: [Meta] Last Opponent: [Zombies]
Win Percentage: [57.69%] Features: [26]
2006: [#6] 2007: [#10] Cumulative: [#5]

Hulk holds on with a titanic grip, and equally massive sales figures, to round out the final count before 2008's top heroes are declared!

As a key component of crossover film speculation, Edward Norton's Bruce Banner hit screens in what was probably a mediocre Hulk film, but a success as far as mainstream audience reaction goes. Avoiding the disappointment of Ang Lee's representative psycho-drama; Incredible Hulk accurately captured the character's uncomplicated modus operandi in Season 2008. Subtext has been nowhere near the character as he rampaged against Abomination on screen, and Rulk on page.

The Jeph Loeb/Red Hulk revolution has failed to deliver, in our punchy eyes, promising simplistic fun, but delivering a prematurely punch drunk series of stupidities. Disturbing penetration of the high charting sales giant was seen through Loeb's writing work on Heroes, but no longer part of that team, we might just hear less about the astoundingly moronic series. Hulk's future looks vague, at best, but by 2011, we expect the fan to be full force once again.

Cumulative Super Stock...

Kano races up the pyramid
with mixed results, stringing enough
success to leap 156 ranks!
[Mortal Kombat: Armageddon]
1. Batman (+1) (DC)
2. Spider-man (-1) (M)
3. Iron Man (-) (M)
4. Superman (+1) (DC)
5. Hulk (-1) (M)
6. Wolverine (-) (M)
7. Captain America (-) (M)
8. Mr. Fantastic (-) (M)
9. Thing (-) (M)
10. Invisible Woman (-) (M)
13. Black Adam (-) (DC)
16. Ryu (-) (C)
18. Shang Tsung (new) (Mid)
20. Wonder Woman (+20) (DC)
21. Catwoman (-2) (DC)
23. Green Lantern (-1) (DC)
25. The Phantom (-2) (KFS)
27. Shao Kahn (new) (Mid)
32. Goro (-3) (Mid)
33. Sonya Blade (-1) (Mid)
35. Hawkgirl (+24) (DC)
37. Deadpool (-3) (M)
38. Nightwing (-3) (DC)
41. Flash (-3) (DC)
44. Dhalsim (-3) (C)
45. Green Lantern (+24) (DC)
46. Ken Masters (-4) (C)
47. Johnny Cage (+6) (Mid)
48. Noob Saibot (-17) (Mid)
50. Aquaman (-6) (DC)
52. Sheeva (new) (Mid)
55. Dr. Doom (-6) (M)
56. Wasp (-6) (M)
57. Raiden (+29) (Mid)
59. Robin (-7) (DC)
61. Black Canary (+28) (DC)
83. Dr. Light (-11) (DC)
86. Kurtis Stryker (new) (Mid)
91. Ronin (-6) (M)
92. Kano (+159) (Mid)
97. Kintaro (new) (Mid)
100. Dark Claw (-5) (DC/M)
133. Hotaru (new) (Mid)
150. Firebird (-6) (M)
173. Hellboy (-6) (DH)
175. Jin Kazama (-6) (N)
176. Rose (-6) (C)
194. Onaga (new) (Mid)

Vixen's two-fisted approach
sees her slamming her way up the
SuperStock with the Justice League!
[Justice League of America #15]
195. Firestorm (new) (DC)
196. Red Arrow (new) (DC)
197. Geo-Force (new) (DC)
198. Black Lightning (new) (DC)
200. Chun-Li (-10) (C)
202. Deathstroke (-114) (DC)
204. Kitana (new) (Mid)
205. Gambit (-11) (M)
206. Quan Chi (new) (Mid)
215. Kenshi (new) (Mid)
242. Bo' Rai Cho (new) (Mid)
243. Sub-Zero (new) (Mid)
244. Vixen (+282) (DC)
245. Poison Ivy (-63) (DC)
248. Marvel (-16) (DC)
250. Darkseid (-59) (DC)
255. Punisher (-17) (M)
261. Two-Face (-17) (DC)
262. Lex Luthor (-39) (DC)
263. She-Hulk (-17) (M)
267. Cheetah (-22) (DC)
268. Scorpion (-20) (Mid)
269. Joker (-17) (DC)
270. Kung Lao (new) (Mid)
271. Baraka (new) (Mid)
286. Reptile (new) (Mid)
288. Smoke (new) (Mid)
289. Jade (new) (Mid)
300. Northstar (-22) (M)
313. Emma Frost (-22) (M)
350. Squire (-22) (DC)
363. Red Tornado (new) (DC)
364. Amanda Waller (new) (DC)
370. Bekka (new) (DC)
371. Liu Kang (-115) (Mid)

Giganta finds herself
outclassed fighting below her weight
with Black Canary and the JLA!
[Justice League of America #15]
374. Jax (new) (Mid)
375. Sing (+167) (Mal)
376. Sang (+167) (Mal)
391. HusH (-35) (DC)
400. St. Roch (-34) (DC)
450. Sun Boy (-34) (DC)
464. Shocker (-34) (M)
500. Hammer (-34) (DC)
534. Jack Staff (-33) (DEP)
550. Valkyrie (-33) (M)
599. Morgauth (Ammend) (DC)
600. Baroness Blood (-30) (DC)
601. Li Mei (new) (Mid)
602. Shinnok (new) (Mid)
603. Reiko (new) (Mid)
605. Kabal (new) (Mid)
606. Cyrax (new) (Mid)
607. Nightwolf (new) (Mid)
608. Ermac (new) (Mid)
609. Sindel (new) (Mid)

Gorilla Grodd plummets
down the ranks, facing extinction after
battling Wonder Woman and the JLA!
[Justice League of America #15]
612. Rain (new) (Mid)
614. Fatality (new) (DC)
616. Killer Frost (new) (DC)
617. Cheshire (new) (DC)
618. Shadow Thief (new) (DC)
620. Mr. Freeze (new) (DC)
624. Mileena (new) (Mid)
628. Bane (-46) (DC)
643. Kobra (new) (Mid)
644. Gorilla Grodd (-114) (DC)
645. Giganta (-168) (DC)
648. Norman Osborn (-51) (M)
650. Taskmaster (-55) (M)
651. Zangief (-55) (C)
652. Quicksilver (-55) (M)
653. Magneto (-55) (M)
654. Dan Hibiki (-55) (C)
655. Lizard (-55) (M)

The Hammer...
We've been dramatically behind schedule here on the Infinite Wars, but the positive side of things is that you're still getting regular instalments of content. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us throughout the year. Your support is much appreciated and hopefully rewarded through our niche tangents and superhero smackdown. You can continue to help the site (and maybe get my attention) with PayPal donations, Amazon purchases, or maybe even the purchase of my oft mentioned comics series, KMI.

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That about does it! Stay tuned as we count down to the year-end annual crowning of an Infinite Wars champion and all the fun of 2009!


Ciao for now!

- Mike Haseloff; Commanding Officer
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